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Light Years Away from Meaningful Truth

Did you know that there is now a U.S. commission on examining what is happening with the TARP money? You know the TARP money, as in Troubled Asset Relief Program money, hundreds of billions of dollars dropped in the laps of foolish but high-living value extractors? Its chairman, Phil Angelides, recently said to an LA Times business columnist, "Here's the big picture. The commission's role is to be a pursuer of the truth. If we commit ourselves to pursuing the facts and uncovering whatever is underneath whatever rock, we will do Americans a great service." I can't say that I split a gut laughing at this remark, and that is really only because every high profile World operative blaps this kind of thing regularly, and they do so with a completely straight face. Every single time. Hmm, go figure. This comes at the same time that one of those grand metaphors for truth vs. deceit is getting gobs of airplay right now. You know which one it is, the whole blue pill vs. red

The Value Assessment Surplus

Noted that the U.S. budget deficit hit the $1 trillion mark for the first time in history. And it is rising. Nothing much to point out except for the same old regarding the contrast between the World and the Kingdom that so few people seem to see. There they are, the top World ruler guys, at the behest of needy World inhabitants, continuing to spend money and banking on some point in the future when these needy souls (and their children and grandchildren, and hey, may as well add great grandchildren) will actually do enough to pay back what they're spending on today. I mean, really, it is such a mind-boggling number, a trillion, but these guys do it anyway. I just wonder, why not a quadrillion? Hey, after all, derivatives traders have already said the $250 trillion worth of assets in the world today is worth a quadrillion. Now there's a bit of a value assessment surplus. Why not a quintillion? Why not build everyone a bridge to wherever they like? Why not give everyone their ow

The REAL Michael Jackson

If you turn on any mainstream media outlet you're sure to encounter at least a bit of the wall-to-wall Michael Jackson coverage. The extraordinary attention given to him after his sudden death is not surprising, really, as talented and as eccentric--and as troubled--as he was. What I find interesting is how zealous everyone seems to be trying to find out the real Michael Jackson. What was he really like, and did he really do any of the destructive things so many think he did? How many times have I seen or heard--and believe me, it isn't really a lot, mostly because of nothing to do with Michael Jackson but because I just dislike the idolatrous nature of the coverage--anyway, how many times is someone interviewed who details whatever intimate knowledge they have about Michael Jackson? The day after he passed away I was driving to work and some radio newshow mentioned the final concert tour he was supposed to have, and I had this thought. Why don't they just get someone els