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An Important Truth Rule That Is Almost Always Completely Misunderstood

A few blog posts ago I admitted that a lot of what I do is splash a bunch of words on the computer screen so I know what I want to say. I wondered about admitting that because it may make it seem I don't know what's in my heart. Yeah, sometimes I don't, but sometimes I really do and the words just come out the way they do which may not be exactly the way I want to them to. Umm. Thing is everyone does this. No big deal. Sometimes we write pretty well, other times it is a bit meandering. We do our best. It also doesn't mean a particular Truth Rule isn't absolutely veritable. I'm writing yet again because I cannot neglect to post a link to this piece by one Kevin Smith over at Off-Guardian . It is obvious he is working it to get down key truthful things but it is just sort of a rich genuine flow mostly related to his considerations of the shared observations from an individual of some stature. Kinda cool actually, the truths he elucidates, but he's just riffin

This May Be The Most Important Truth Rule Of Them All

Driving to Phoenix from the Los Angeles area we were on the 10 and I paid closer attention to something that I'd seen before, but I just wanted to get an idea of the magnitude of this particular thing. The drive is pretty dry, really, because most of it is through barren desert, but the construction of the freeway itself is quite fascinating. It is elevated. I'm sure long ago they built this freeway, likely the same as many others, there just flat -- nice and flat and spiffy and... about to be destroyed . See, literally every 100 to 200 feet in some places, are little bridges you'd barely notice if you weren't watching. This time I was watching, and I was impressed by how stinkin' many of them there actually were. Little bridges over arroyos, gulches, canyons, washes -- any place where water will go . And that water will go there no matter what, even if there is a slab of long flat concrete in its way. Yes, yes, can you see a terrific metaphor  about to be bleated b

The Ten Truth Rules Going the Way of the Dinosaur

I think there should be a law against paparazzi. It doesn't matter that too many celebrities are boorish ding-dongs,  no one  should ever have to endure a TMZ exposition, or really inquisition. It is inhumane, immoral, and just flat-out evil. Thing is it is very hard to have a law against someone taking a photograph of someone else. Oh there are such laws -- you may be sued if you use someone else's image for monetary gain without their permission. I still kind of wonder why that doesn't apply to paparazzi . Maybe celebrities just don't care and really do live by the Oscar Wilde mentality: "Worse than being talked about is not  being talked about."  My point is that for hundreds of years there was some kind of social prohibition against nosying into other people's lives. There was indeed an accepted moral standard for just not being a busy-body. Didn't need a law. And for those who simply didn't get it, for the most part walls and fences and guns a

This Truth Rule Really Leaves a Huge Swath of Destruction

I caught this in some Scripture reading this morning. It is from the twelfth Psalm. Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore; those who are loyal have vanished from the human race. Everyone lies to their neighbor; they flatter with their lips and harbor deception in their hearts. May the Lord silence all flattering lips and every boastful tongue--those who say, "By our tongues we will prevail; our own lips will defend us--who is Lord over us?" Thus, the Truth Rule: Institutionalized codependency is an extraordinarily powerful force. A while back while walking in a very upscale neighborhood, multi-million dollar homes in the hills, I glanced at a nice vehicle in the driveway that had an Obama bumper sticker on the back. It made me think. Huh. Here's someone living largely, lots of wealth, and they like the policy agenda represented by this politician. You know, socialism light, racialism through-&-through, sodomist enabling -- working very hard at forcing everyone to

Another Critical Facet of an Extraordinarily Important Truth Rule

In my last blog post I shared a bit about a critically important Truth Rule that is under serious attack by a critical mass of severely misguided and stunningly powerful individuals and interest groups, the very simple one that you simply cannot choose your sexual identity . It is an impossibility, just as it is an impossibility to fly without some kind of lifting apparatus should you leap from a tall building. Just as you would plop when landing hard on the concrete below, believing you can be some kind of "gender" of your choosing slams you very hard on all sorts of agonizing emotional, psychological, spiritual, and of course physical consequences. I have been thinking about blogging a bit more on these Truth Rules, thinking of some important ones, doing it because in some ways it merely helps me process the attacks against them by those foolish detracting voices out there. The biological sex one? Wow, is that loud. Ouch, my ears hurt. Those Truth Rules remarks may be on th

The Truth Rules

Not only does Truth Rule , but there are certain rules about life that are truthful no matter what you think, feel, believe, or are absolutely convinced about. I have a good friend who is a bit humanistically minded, well, sorry, his thinking is  really  influenced by humanist thought, meaning he believes just being a good kind polite human being is perfectly fine, that there are fine solutions to bad things that do not necessarily require God, and that the answer "That's just what you think, not everyone thinks like you" is the mic-drop argument winner. I wanted to share a few Truth Rules  here, some that I see are quite dismissed by a humanist overrun populace. These are rules that apply in every circumstance, and while it is perfectly fine for someone to disagree, like the rules of physics such as the law of gravity or the rules of mathematics such as quadratic equations, these rules are inviolate. And please, as I think somewhat highly of the falsification principle,