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The Tangled Factor

The other night my daughter insisted I watch one of her favorite movies with her, Tangled . It is the Disney telling of Rapunzel, and it was a fun film. I was kind of taken by the lanterns thing, and thought of it as similar to what followers of Christ do in their hearts waiting for Him to return. Hey, I rarely find any truly Biblical connections from Disney stuff, and sure, this is a stretch. I'm not saying anything except how it made me feel, that's all. Another thing that got me was how much Rapunzel was convinced by her fake mom that she needed to stay in her large room at the top of the remote tower because the world out there was too dangerous, what, with all the evil people out there. All of us viewers are certainly expected to think of how rotten that woman is for convincing her of such a falsehood, but then... That's exactly the way we all behave . Wherever I go, drive, walk, bike, I always take a look at the sides of houses for the satellite dishes. The ti