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Patty Murray is Quite an Honest Individual Actually

"We have no king but Caesar." Recently the U.S. Senate proposed a post-birth infant protection bill. "Committing infanticide is against the law" it pretty much says. It seems to have come forward after a governor in a state that pretty much allows abortion through all nine months of a pregnancy waffled about what to do if a partial-birth abortion failed and the baby was born alive. Should the parents be consulted about whether or not to keep the infant alive or utilize the pillow? When the Senate holds a "unanimous consent" vote, all that has to happen for the resolution to pass is for no one to object. You don't even have to go on the record, as a Senator you just don't have to say anything and the thing goes right on through. Yeah, huh. Cain's domain. Pretty nasty. Well, most Senators thought this would be a slam dunk. Who in their right mind would object to something enshrined into official federal ordinance that would protect a baby a

Apart From Him You Can Do Nothing

"Apart from Me you can do nothing." These words are there quite prominently in the 15th chapter of John's gospel. Around them is an entire treatise about how much Jesus is it. He's the One. Nothing else matters. Have Him and you have everything and can do anything. Don't have Him and you're squat. No matter how much you're into anything  else, it is utterly, contemptibly worthless. I'd add that it is even worse if you are into another  Jesus. The harrowing thing about that is there are so many . It is just as viscerally sorrowful that so so very many believe that as long as someone says they believe in a Jesus then we can all gleefully consider being on the same page crusading for good wholesome things out there. Recently over at the  The Federalist  the individual with the pseudonym Bill Kilgore wrote an extraordinarily sobering assessment of the pro-life movement . He truly said nothing much more than it is worthless. Many many many people thin