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The World: Its Fools and Its Diners, Part II

That thing in Indiana is still going on, with everyone up in arms about it all one way or another. Much of that is in response to the presentation , not the truth about things, but then this is something I wrote a bit about in my latest home page piece . I felt like adding a bit more in this post, just some things I'd thought about since my post of yesterday . 1. The idea of "discrimination" has become such a sacred cow that the mere mention of it is designed to stir up passions, mostly negative. The reigning rent-extractors send the word right into the bilge pump of presently splattered cultural nomenclature and voila , they get what they want. Too bad there are too many who refuse to think carefully about it. Fact is we all discriminate about all kinds of things all the time. Restaurants may not discriminate against blacks, but they certainly will discriminate against someone sitting at a table but firing a loaded weapon into the ceiling every two minutes. This

The World: Its Fools and Its Diners

The latest culture war whirlwind comes out of Indiana, where lawmakers recently passed a bill ensuring that people who object to homosexual things have protection. It is now one of the top stories the mainstream media is running, showing protesters and showcasing all the powerful individual and business interests squawking and threatening to refuse to do further business in such an "intolerant and bigoted" place. Did no one else see this coming? As soon as we're all convinced that the position to hold is: it is no big deal if someone does sexually abusive things in their own homes, just don't force us to approve of it, then we've lost the war. If it is just a matter of preference, then what difference does it make what anyone does. The only way to make the case so it actually has meaning is to hold without equivocation that wanton homosexual activity is a crime, and that expressively willful endorsement of it is as well. Sorry, but society agrees that a number

The Complicated Presentation

My latest home page piece  gets into the truth that the truth is simple, the presentation is complicated. What does that mean, the presentation ? Head on over there , read what I've written. I'd love to know your thoughts, email me. As it is, I'm always seeing examples of this, and I thought I'd share a few. Each one of these represents a way in which the World System mouthpieces work hard to make the complicated presentation look a bit more easy to understand, while the truth is people who soak up the presentation are being put on greased slides straight to hell. The first is about the 379 companies who've signed a "friend of the court" brief in the Supreme Court signifying their endorsement of the institutional sanctioning of sexual violence, more specifically same-sex marriage. All of the rigmarole swirling around this subject is all complication, and we could get deep into the discourse. I'm ready for that. But the truth is simple. God made m