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The Truly Audacious Limited Hangout

I have to put up a brief post about CJ Hopkins' latest, a piece he titles "The Year of the Gaslighter."  In it he points out that all the fuss about the revelatory "Twitter files," you know, all the stuff about how much the FBI has had its hands in censoring people on Twitter -- all that fuss is really just a limited hangout , and an audacious one at that. A limited hangout is when authorities of some stripe tell you they've uncovered something really nasty for you to get all riled up about and to just feel assured that they're on the job of getting to the bottom of this or that nefarious activity and they go out of their way to show you all the things they want you to see, stuff you thought they wouldn't show you but they actually do because as the real good guys they are they are on your side  and want to get at what the bad guys are doing too and they'll really get going doing something about it... ...While at the same time keeping you from se

The Empire's New Clothes, Addendum

I have to add a bit related to my post from just yesterday about the great and grand thing freedom of speech . I blogged about it to introduce my most recent home page piece , and some of it was about the most prominent social media platform Twitter.  After I made that post Elon Musk finally started releasing internal memos about what the US government was doing to censor damning information about a candidate for US president, namely Joe Biden, to give him a pronounced advantage in winning that election. It related to the clear and obvious corruption of the Biden family while he was a top executive official, information that would have severely compromised his chances to win the presidency. This breaking news has been met with complete silence by the mainstream news media outlets, all of them have gone dark on it since the release. More information will be forthcoming. Their silence is speech . If legitimate journalistic enterprises are committed to speaking about truthful things so,

The Empire's New Clothes

There seems to be a lot of talk these days about this thing  freedom of speech. I know lots of Americanists have been obsessed with this thing for quite some time, but the bleating about it these days seems to be much louder, especially since huge celebrity commercial emperor Elon Musk has supposedly liberated the largest social media platform around. He's fired all the people who spent their workday seeing who's posting objectionable things and checking to see if those things are influencing too many people. If so, ::click:: you're outta there. No freedom of speech for YOU. I don't know about you, but it seems to me you don't really need government to say whether or not you are allowed to say something. The disciples said a ton of stuff about Jesus all the time, and they were put in prison for those things all the time, but they could still say stuff about Him . Roman emperors sent early Christians into the ferocious wildlife arena at dinnertime, and it seems to me