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The Institutionalized Excoriation of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Wow is it intense! A lot of people really don't like Marjorie Taylor Greene! She is a new Republican congresswoman who has a few ideas that a lot of people reeeally  don't like. I recently even saw a piece by a relatively conservative columnist who practically shouted off the page, " Whatever you do, do not be like Marjorie Taylor Greene!" -- listing one-by-one her most horrific transgressions. Ahh, the New York Times wins again. Well, better, The Society  wins again. For the crime of sharing something  about the idea that a destructive fire was caused by a space laser, among a few other things about some things, she has essentially been cancelled with the most extreme prejudice. Yes I am speaking figuratively, but her political livelihood, indeed her very reputation is being slowly assassinated and the event is being splashed in everyone's face on all forms of web or social media. It is really as if powerful people with the most to lose by virtue of the rigidly e

The Radioactive American

There is so much to consider regarding what happened this past week. One thing is for sure. January 6 was the date half of Americans were officially designated persona non grata . The Stalinist program of marginalization ostracism humiliation cancellation remonstration demonization prosecution conviction termination elimination is now moving forward at breakneck speed. When a constitutional attorney commentator on a cable news program was asked why the Democrat Congress is seeking to take down President Trump with a mere 12 days left in his term -- by either the 25th amendment or impeachment -- he responded with an amazing answer.  "They want to make Trump radioactive." All week the news media have been going crazy portraying Trump supporters as domestic terrorists participating in an insurrection or attempting a coup. Go watch. Just listen. Read it anywhere a New York Times subdivision has a huge forum for its System propaganda. You even remotely support  anything  that Dona