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What Modernism Hath Wrought, Addendum

Yesterday I put up a post to share some thoughts about the thing imagination . Afterwards I did some pondering about my words, and my soul convicted me that many would very likely read those words and think I'm into some kind of weird unbiblical mysticism.  Often the thing mysticism  is bound by the World's definition, just to get Christians to be judgmental about things. Sometimes they are right, true, but sometimes the World consumes their thinking. The Kingdom truth is the Bible clearly tells us about the beauty and wonders of God's mystery, and it is perfectly okay to commune with Him in ways only the heart can understand. Indeed that's much of the thrust of this blog ministry, precisely that His wonderful matters should not include any of our pathetic assumptions about them. Let them be mysteries yet settle in with the assurance that He loves us, cares for us, walks with us, teaches us. The Bible is also clear that He made each of our imaginations to grasp the mea

What Modernism Hath Wrought

Just wanted to blog a bit to offer a heads-up to an article by Mary Harrington over at Unherd . I've liked the few things I've read from her, and this one gets a bit into the desire for something beyond the "atoms, void, and nothing else" mentality that has exploded in modern society. See, the "atoms-void-&-nothing-else" philosophy that is most prominent today is really just Epicureanism, an exceedingly pervasive mentality that is nothing but materialism but with the added twist of being nice to people who believe what they sneer are fairy tales. Well, um, ahem, if the reality of things is merely materialism then upon what basis does one have to be nice to anyone? Really, isn't it just best if I murder you and take your nice home to enjoy? After all your atoms spewed about are no different than those sown together right now, right? Yet this is the lifestyle philosophy so many hold so tightly. No wonder. Our schools are teaching garbage to so many st