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Don't Worry, Stupidity Is Painful

There's that bumper sticker, you know, "Stupidity Should Be Painful." I actually think it is painful, it's just so many stupid people simply smile through the agony. I saw a meme the other day, something along those lines, something like, "When you die, after you're dead you don't know you're dead and others have to feel the pain. It's the same thing with stupidity." I think that's the tragic part about stupid people. It's painful for them and  for others, and they don't even know it. I was reading tonight in the Word, and came across one of those several places where the Bible's version of these memes appears. Really, the Bible says a lot about stupidity. This one was originally in the sixth chapter of Isaiah. There it is again in the 13th chapter of Matthew: "People don't understand when they could understand, and they remain really stupid." Really, that's about what it says. Check it out, you'll

The Reality of Americanist Human Sacrifice

The past two days during my devotional time I've read the 17th and 18th chapters of the first book of Kings. If you know what's in those two chapters, you know we are introduced to one of the greatest prophets of them all, Elijah. First we find Elijah commissioned by God to tell King Ahab what's what. He's told to go to a place to wait but resources are very scarce because of a famine. Yet God still provides . No matter what, his resources do not run out. Then he visits a woman and her son who consider themselves about to die because of the famine, but Elijah assures her, your resources will not run out . The boy later gets ill and dies, but Elijah brings him back to life. God is a God of resurrection from the dead, of eternal life. Elijah finally confronts Ahab, but it is much more about his challenge to Baal, the pagan god Ahab has authorized the people of Israel to worship. Elijah asks the people, "So, who is it? God or Baal?" What a question . I th