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Rational Human Sacrifice

I try to keep my radar tuned in to things said out there about human sacrifice. I do so because a prominent thrust of my web work is the firm proposition that human sacrifice is habitually practiced all the time right now by everyone who isn't in Christ. In fact, those who are fully committed followers of Christ are also human sacrificers, it is just they are sacrificing themselves in the love they have for others. The fact is you can't avoid it. By the virtue of spiritual reality... You are doing human sacrificing . Oh it may not be the kind in which the beautiful virgin is tied up and witch doctors dance around her in hallucinatory hysterics just before heaving her into the raging volcano. Today it takes so many different forms that are quite imperceptible to most people simply because they are so accustomed to doing it themselves. This is not even to mention how much the powers-that-be of the World System are involved in enabling it, convincing them it's all juu