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The Invisible Christ, Addendum

In my last post I raved about the latest major motion picture rendition of  The Invisible Man , and I will tell you I did finish the film. Sure enough what I thought was going to happen did happen, but there were enough twists and turns to make it interesting. Regrettably the protagonist, the one who was in a very real sense the invisible woman , turned out to be just as murderously psychopathic as her whacko lover and his brother. Thing is I just wanted to add a couple things about Jesus, the most important invisible man . I'd pointed out that Jesus is really an invisible man because so many simply do not see Him. He is very real, He is very much God, and He very much loves so much that He gave His life for each one of us specifically to satisfy the very just justice that must be executed against sinners such as ourselves. The problem is Cain's legacy which lifts up as its ecclesiastical manifestation the Roman Catholic Church produces hundreds of Christs for the purpose of

The Invisible Christ

One of the very best thriller movies I have ever seen is The Invisible Man, the most recent one starring Elisabeth Moss. This film is classified as a horror film, but while I'm a fan of horror films, I can't stand slasher films which is what most of them are these days. Ptooie. But good thriller films I love, and The Invisible Man has launched itself into my top ten favorite films period . (Ironically there was a significant part of this film that featured some bloody slashing.) Thing is I haven't even seen the end of the film yet. I have gotten to the point in my life where I can't even watch a movie in one sitting. My binge watching is taking in a good film over the course of a few days, that's pretty much it. Right now I'm halfway through The Invisible Man  and I already think it is amazing. Wait, how is that when I haven't even seen the whole thing? By the way, I know nothing about what's going to happen next, but my guess is she retrieves the invisi

Notorious RBG Certainly Deserved Her Notoriety

Yesterday Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. She was 87 and in poor health. Known as "Notorious RBG," a sobriquet of reverence to those who considered her a largely successful champion of their freedoms. She was a true hero to those whose god is their feelings -- I've recently written a bit about that idea I term  the pathodicy . From a news program I happened to screenshot this image. It struck me as quite profound, for you see, RBG was certainly doing the work of Georgetown University, the preeminent institution for public policy implementation and arrangement. She didn't attend the school or have a position there, but the photograph demonstrates she was engaged with it in some way. You'd think in this instance she was providing grand judicial wisdom for all, but instead she was merely reflecting on what she herself was so proficiently taught. There it is, Georgetown law  -- I thought, hmm, I thought she was into making sure the la

The Pathodic Witch Hunt, Addendum

Even though I have no time, I simply cannot neglect to add a post about the pathodic witch hunt after writing one yesterday . Note this is not pathetic  witch hunt, but a much more harrowing version of it, this one involving people's desire to commit vicious acts of human sacrifice while thinking they are doing it for God. I put a few more thoughts in my latest home page piece at my webzine . But I thought, real quick -- huh, the particularly atheist humanist materialist reader consumed by his or her pathodicy may ask a very good question. What about your  "witch hunt"? The Western Christian white-man's hegemony with those morals and laws you so cherish, why isn't your  prosecutorial activity a witch hunt as much as you claim ours is? Great question, really. I did say a lot about the overbearing nature of the law . Of this thing moral standards that followed by most makes a decent society for all to enjoy . I did say that didn't I, with the clear intimation th

The Pathodic Witch Hunt

Scanning through the television channels looking for a decent movie (very hard to find these days) or a compelling sporting event (impossible without being shown how racist they think you are), I happened to see there in the guide scrolling on by those half-hour nightly news shows. I actually felt a bit of fear rising up in my soul, and I'd never had that happen before. I know it was because in that instant I wondered what kind of ungodly garbage they were bilging right then and there. It wasn't too long ago that I'd peruse some of what they had on there, just to get a taste of what's going on and their take on it, but now?... It is simply too harrowing. It is really hard to watch these people say inane things with a straight face over and over and over again. So I bravely peeked at Rachel Maddow tonight, just to see, just to see if it was as wretched as it has become. I was not disappointed. In those couple of moments I tuned in she had on some expert experienced top p