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The Broken Model

Robert Samuelson is one of the more respected commenters on financial things. While he does work for the World as a prominent speaker in the echo chamber, he does refuse to pull punches about the reality of things. I think because he's paid by Caesar a lot of this is designed to get people to keep looking to Caesar to try to solve things. In his latest piece , he says the economic models the world is working with today are, in his words, "collapsing, time-consuming, torturous, and possibly inconclusive" resulting in "frustration and fear." As always he pounds down the vital stats, and they are always frightening. One of the most controversial policy decisions made by the federal government was given the thumbs up by the Supreme Court this week, and that was universal health care. The idea -- now implemented as public policy -- is that taxpayers must be obligated to pay for everyone's health care needs. It is a classic example of the broken model at wor