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The Barbie Movie and the Finer Things, Epicurean Delight!

A Black Mirror  episode titled "Metalhead" is a standard cat and mouse tale with the relentlessly pursuing beast a weaponized robotic dog. Throughout you're rooting for the gal on the run, hoping she can ultimately find some way to get away, somehow stop the marauding advancement, perhaps even "kill" the robot to ensure its complete incapacitation -- just do something  to be able to finally settle down and not fear this thing reaching her and killing her. As with every Black Mirror episode, you can't help but think deeply about the story's implications. Here was the thought from me. What if the pursued woman was actually the villain?  Meaning, what if the robotic killer dog was simply doing its duty to stop criminal behavior at the behest of a government charged with such prosecution in the name of keeping social order and decency? Kind of what we all want from law enforcement? I say this because in a world that seems to go madder and madder, there is al

The Barbie Movie People Are Actually Doing Us All a Big Favor

Hey how about this anniversary! Another one! 100 years too! If we traditionally count the beginning of the school year as officially end of August, beginning of September, then juuust abouuut riiight abouuut now is the 100th anniversary to the  day  of the opening of the Frankfurt School, back then in 1923. The Frankfurter Schule , or sometimes Institute of Social Research, acclaimed for their robust promotion of Critical Theory All-Kinds-of-Things-Related-to-Establishing-Spiffy-Ways-to-Destroy-the-Evil-Oppressive-Hegemony-and-at-the-Same-Time-Sending-Millions-of-Souls-to-Hell-in-Doing-So, is indeed 100 years old right about now. Yay! You can see much of the Frankfurt School's product in this massively popular movie that came out a couple weeks ago, Barbie,  all about a Frankfurt School acolyte's vision of a real-life Barbie fantasy world -- really to make the point. The point is men need to turn it around and submit to the nicer kinder women running things for a while , and th