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Another Sobering Truth Rule Most Gladly Dismiss

Abigail Shrier has sort-of established herself as the go-to voice of reason in the discourse on whether or not in the name of courage and freedom and individuality and just plain wretched foolishness someone should mutilate their body and become some other type of biological being. The most typical one is a man or woman "transitioning" into a person of the opposite sex. From what I have seen and read of hers, I think her take is a bit limited -- it seems she's only interested in making the case against  children  doing it -- you know, adults are autonomous beings and never mind that there are all kinds of nefarious things adults can do too that are regularly and robustly censured by everyone all around. I do believe, however, Shrier is firmly against adult "transitioning" also, so I won't criticize her for something of which I am not certain. She may just want to be focusing on making sure our children are not criminally violated in these ways, so she's