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More Understanding About The Restrainer

I do have a Twitter account, and I probably should learn all about how splendid it truly can be. But to be honest, I really can't see what the big deal is. To live life by 140-character sound bites is pretty worthless. I don't know, just what I think. But really, nothing I've read or heard or learned about Twitter makes me think it is any less worthless than it is. And trust me, I've read and heard and learned a lot about it because I really want to understand what the big deal is. Still -- worthless. I say this because I thought about "tweeting" on what I read in my devotional yesterday, something that floored me. But I realized that there is so much there that it is absolutely criminal to have to try to squeeze it into 140 characters. Oh sure I could tweet a whole bunch of tweets strung together, but come on. I could just as easily write all I need to here, and those who are respectful enough to express some interest in my take can just read it here, howev

The Reports of the Restrainer's Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

A couple days ago I put up a post here about what is going on with the restrainer. I'm reluctant to capitalize the term "the restrainer" because there really is one The Restrainer and He is God Himself. But the small-cap restrainer is the World System, that generally comprises the Roman Catholic Church, the temporal government network led in large part by the United States federal government, and the banking and finance organism led by the central banks most notably the U.S. Federal Reserve. The overarching hegemonic rule of all of these is molded chiefly by the most powerful education and media institutions, who themselves are governed by the words and directives of a generally unknown superior (interestingly one who is regularly called "Father General" by his agents) working through the organization authorized to arrange the work of restraining man's sinful behavior. In that post I'd pointed out that there may be cracks in those restraining instit

Is The Restrainer Getting Ready to Leave?

I felt like jotting down some thoughts here in my blog, just some of the things I see happening that sadden me actually. A lot of things sadden me, but one of the most visceral is beholding the rank evil that people do. Yeah yeah that's not saying much, because people are always doing evil to one another. What really presses hard against my soul is how much they do it behind bright smiles and splendid good deeds. And yeah yeah yeah, people have been doing it for millennia, so what of it. Yeah, guess I shouldn't hurt so much about it. But I still do . And I think I hurt so much about it when people just shrug it off as standard practice. As something to resign oneself to endure because it's been going on for so long. Or just as reprehensible: as something to smother in the sweet vanilla frosting of wholesome religion or nice good-deed-doing or that putridly fake righteousness that is often blurted as "I'm not perfect you're not perfect so let's just deal w