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I realized something just the other day. That it is 25 years ago today that I heard the most spirit-blasting message from the pulpit that I've ever heard. I remember the day because it was a Sunday when after the church service, my buddies and I had gone to Candlestick Park to see the Giants play the Astros. I count this Sunday as that very day's anniversary even though the actual date was interestingly September 11. One of the striking things about that game, the particular thing that kept this day in my memory, was what happened a few minutes before the game began at its 1:05 scheduled start. A few thousand people were already filling the seats and a good number of them were listening on their radios to the 49ers game in New York just finishing up. It was a close affair and with a minute left the football Giants had taken the lead. After the 49ers got the ball back deep in their own territory, Joe Montana threw a perfect strike to Jerry Rice streaking down the sideline fo

That Cabin in the System

The other night I watched the horror film The Cabin in the Woods on DVD with my son and his buddies. It turns on its head the whole spookiness and scariness of a creaky old haunted cabin deep in the woods. As the film progressed it actually got goofier and goofier, but I think the filmmakers knew that so they made it all good fun, in spite of the grotesque blood-spewing violence. But then I think that's just the "Happy Tree Friends" trend nowadays. Hyperbolic gore -- hilarious! The reason I mention it here is because the main pretext was there are these people in a huge control facility arranging the actual physical human sacrifice of five young adults for the purpose of pleasing "the old powerful ancients down there." It was all processed with the greatest precision in order to make sure that all of humankind is preserved pretty much on the basis of this blood-letting successfully satiating the ancients. Thing is... This is happening to everyone right no