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First Corinthians, Second Chapter. Get it.

My morning devotional time is now being spent reading the letters to the church in Corinth. I've always put forth those Scriptures as the text for my web ministry work , and getting into it again is just mind-blasting. Well, soul-blasting , really. It is phenomenal how much the Corinthian church mirrors the church today. Yesterday I heard a Christian-type dude on the Christian radio station say this,"2015 is the time for the church to start evangelizing the church ." After hearing this I just went  errgghnckrrrghnck  inside the depths of my psyche. That people have to say that and most Christianly people hearing that just about always think "Yupp, that's it, yupp we gotta get the church back to being Christian and all that." It is just so annoying because they've been saying this for eons and eons and eons. Sorry. 2015 won't be any different . Unless. Unless the church actually does something so radical, so revolutionary, so... Apoc