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A popular New York publication put out a feature that's getting some attention these days called "Taken," the story of the way Caesar executes "asset forfeiture," or "civil forfeiture." This is pretty much the confiscation of anything Caesar can "legally" get his hands on to quasi-penalize quasi-criminals and rationalize funding law enforcement. I don't know how anyone can read this expose and then turn around and say with a straight face that human sacrifice does not happen today on a regular basis. Yes, the human sacrifice -- nothing really different from yanking pulsating hearts out of flailing people at the top of the ziggurat-type tower. If you've seen my web work you know that one of the prominent features of my Catholicist Nation premise is that human sacrifice is carried out in a variety of forms as a matter of habitual, necessary practice by those who don't live in, with, and by Christ. I'm always blown away wh