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Rooftop Shouters on Steroids

I happened to come across this article , appearing the New York Times. It is about this app, Clearview AI, whereby you can just stick it at someone's face and find out quite a bit about them. While a lot can be said about this, one thing I thought is, if the Times is putting out the expose about it, what else is out there we don't even know about that is compromising our personal security? It does seem as though we've got to be in the very last days of the existence of this version of God's creation, it really does. When you see things like "the image of the Beast" in Revelation what else could it mean but the most sophisticated holographic augmented reality of a Caesarian character all are expected to worship? This will become fully realized when the CGI finally arrives at the holy grail: graphic images of humans completely indistinguishable from real ones. We're almost there. Thing is, when I saw this article I could only think about the home pag

Another Thing to Add to the Response John Lennox Should Have Given

A couple months ago I blogged on the appearance of John Lennox before a packed hall at one of the Claremont colleges. In my own recent apologetics reading -- this one from Nancy Pearcey's Saving Leonardo  -- I'd come across a point made by a follower of Christ about seasoned apologists appearing to speak at colleges... They almost always pack the house. People do want to know the truth. People are seekers of truth. But the truth to them is based on all the shit poured into their souls by brilliant Roman agents working through the universities, sworn and powerful humanism-smothered operatives who have no idea who God is. Anyway, one of the questions asked of Mr. Lennox, was this one, and again I was somewhat surprised that he seemed to be a bit flummoxed about what to say when the question came up, one that I've seen asked a number of times by the radical skeptic. That question again: "What would be a proof to you that God does not exist?" As I pointed