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In all the contemplating I do about my web work I'm beginning to realize that fewer and fewer people are able to articulate what the concept justice is really about. Oh they have a extraordinarily solid feel for what it is -- watch how they react when someone cuts in line in front of them. But when it comes to knowing that we are all subject to the extreme demands of this thing justice, it just seems so many get very mealy-brained about it. I think it has to do with the natural repulsion to one's own proclivity to sin. Thing is, instead of turning to Christ who takes care of that by dying and taking the penalty we deserve -- justice fulfilled , we tend to try to rationalize away everything. With more and more people putting their faith in a counterfeit Christ, it's no wonder. Just mention this because my latest home page web piece is about the failure of even the very best among us to see the clear distinction between the World and the Kingdom, especially with regards