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Trotsky's Pathodicy

Today is the 80th anniversary of the death of Leon Trotsky. It's not that I had this date marked on my calendar for a long time -- I just happened to come across that fact the other day. Eighty years ago Trotsky succumbed to wounds suffered the day before when he was summarily pick-axed in the head by a Stalinist agent. Huh. Don't see many people commemorating the event. Oh there are a few brief notes in a handful of Marxist sites, they're there. But the less you know about the real history of Marxist thought and practice as a legitimate tool of Cain's hegemony, the better. That's the idea anyway, except the way things are going now I'm starting to see it doesn't much matter anymore. For you see, Trotsky is quite the heroic figure to those holding a more purist form of Marxist sentiment. He was more of a "democratic socialist," you know, fighting for a gentler, kinder form of economic totalitarianism. That baaad man  Stalin -- no, he just wants a r