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The Cyborg Desire

It really is the next step in the evolutionary line. The best humanist materialist World devotees are slavering over it. Plug me in. I want to be plugged in. Seriously, to be mechanically fused to the System so there is no question about how good you see me to be so you won't hurt me would be a dream come true. Futurists have been talking about it for a couple centuries, really. The most renowned one, Ray Kurzweil, had declared the "singularity" will happen by 2045. That's really not too long from now. I only share this potential reality to post a heads-up to Todd Hayen's excellent piece in Off-Guardian , one in which he takes the roof off the marauding technological advances today . This paragraph is the one that is the most harrowing, after he questions exactly how much has it all advanced our society today? Other than medical issues, how else has technology diminished our lives? From a very broad perspective, what has gone down hill as technology has advanced

The Struggle Session Dominion, Addendum

While I was channel surfing I came across a movie, I believe it was called Greenland , about a family's attempts to escape an extraterrestrial disaster of some kind, you know, meteors or asteroids hitting the earth and all. I don't know, I didn't hang around to see much of it. But one scene featured people watching events unfold on the television in a bar or restaurant. The news guy was reporting from somewhere, and sure enough a large fireball came from the sky and obliterated his location. As it always happens with these kinds of things, instantly the screen went fuzzy. Very scary. I mention this because I just felt compelled to add an addendum to my post from yesterday about what is really going on with the Covid thing, that too many people are so overridden with guilt in particular circumstances that it drives the lockdown protocols -- indeed it drives much of what is ultimately wrecking things today. How many insane policy implementations are destroying our world in t

The Struggle Session Dominion

I've recently seen a number of pieces at the online sites I visit along these lines: "What are we doing to our children forcing them to be vaxxed when it is so dangerous?!" There were two just yesterday at one I like, Off-Guardian .  While I agree with the concern as well as all those related to the continued insanity of overbearing lockdown protocols weighing on us all the time, I really don't think people are truly grasping what is happening when that critical mass of Generation Xers pretty-much dominate the public sphere with all of this. If I may. People born in the 60s and 70s have been steeped in Frankfurt School "Critical Theory" theology. It may be said to be "philosophy," but really it is a form of the way they think things should be transcendently . It is a religion.  Around that time Herbert Marcuse was bilging his stuff about sexual expression being a form of liberation from heteropatriarchal oppression, and Theodor Adorno was bilging

Human Sacrifice Practitioners Getting Younger and Younger All the Time

We saw a perfectly wretched motion picture last night, Everything Everywhere All at Once . It was about a woman being tossed about from multiverse to multiverse, and while I believe it was trying to make a statement about how nice and non-dysfunctional a family could be, it was actually just a brainlessly meandering, sickeningly creepy, and painfully disturbing hot-mess. After I'd endured the 57th incident of pointless, tedious, and grotesquely bloody martial arts goofiness at just under an hour-&-a-half in, I was done. Turn this idiocy off. All of that wasn't even the most disturbing part. The most disturbing part was that there were so many who liked it, both reviewers and audience members. At Rotten Tomatoes alone: among over 300 reviewers it got a 95%, which seems pretty good (I know very little about the site). From the 2,500+ "verified ratings" among those posting with the popcorn icon it got an 89%. I could get deep into the film and deep into what these p

Many More Preborn and Postborn Humans Destined to Perish in the Grip of Standard Human Sacrifice Practitioners

I happened to come across an episode of M*A*S*H on the classic television show channel, and there was the typical scene with Corporal Klinger valiantly striving to get the army to consider him insane so he may be discharged. He does this by wearing women's clothes, but the gag is that we all know that he is not trans at all -- in one episode he confesses "It's a dodge, I'm all man!" I thought about this in light of today's world -- as well as even back in the 70s M*A*S*H was a show that regularly indoctrinated its audience with leftist ideas regarding just about everything. For entertainment it was both delightful and sobering, that dynamic made for much of its appeal. My own personal take is the political correctness got way worse after Radar left the show -- every episode was a moral lecture that frequently had some pronounced leftist element, and everyone was always so angry about something. The interesting thing about those last years' episodes was tha

More Post-Born Children Condemned to Death Too

I saw a brief part of a news piece on the television that showed a poll result: 60% of Americans care most about the economy, while only 20% think it is abortion. The message the System spokesholes want us to put deep into our craniums: Get with it. Abortion is just not that big a deal. The economy is. Ahem . The abortion thing IS the economy . As long as we fail to get down the transcendent meaning about what it means to be a human being and what it is to have a family and be in a family with a mother as a woman and father as a man fulfilling their God-ordained roles, then the economy means squat . How about another photo tour? May I? This one consisting of a couple of my own photographs and a few screenshots covering a mere five minutes or so of Bloomberg television, taken from last Thursday morning I believe. You'll get the idea -- err, um -- maybe not. Maybe you are so enamored with the System's version of truth and meaning that this will all be gibberish. But maybe you'