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We STILL Haven't Learned - Eh, We Haven't for Millennia...

There's a conflagration now about the most proper sexual morality in light of the fact that just about everyone who's anyone is being exposed for their rank immorality. Okay maybe NOW we'll get the right idea about the right way to be righteous with our genitals. ::Sigh:: Two of the very best pieces in the panoply of punditry these days about it all are this one from John Hawkins and this one from Matt Walsh. I can't find any that are better. There are a few really important things though that they don't say, and absolutely no one is saying these things. At least not that I've seen. Wow I'd sure like to see more of these things in the mainstream, but well, The Catholicist Nation  perspective is a bit eccentric, so, no matter, never mind, whatever... That first one from Hawkins gets right smack at the truth about sexually charged behavior, and there is pretty much an unspoken truth in there just so graphically elucidated by Hawkins. We are all capti

The Great Catholicist Scribe

I happened to pick up a copy of the New York Times on Friday -- sometimes I try to get a glance at some of the things the System's top megaphone holder wants our souls to absorb. Its top scribe seems to be David Brooks, and what a fantastic propagator of all things Catholicist Nation he is. His column on Friday was one of his best. It was a meandering scrawl full of vain platitudes, a whimpering appeal to anyone who even remotely thinks Trump is anything better than dirt, a drudging cry for us all to come back around to those splendid American values, you know, community  (not Trump), and marriage and family  (not Trump in any way), and faithfulness  (way not Trump), and humility  (REALLY not Trump), and neighborliness  (eeyew SO not Trump), and (quoting Rabbi Jonathan Sacks) " a strong sense of the American narrative " (NOT TRUMP!) Give Brooks credit, he uses all kinds of culturally imperious biblical affectations to wring out the best Catholicist sentiments from t