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Delicate Truth

I write my webzine with one purpose in mind: to draw people to Christ. The most prominent thrust in this effort is to showcase the wildly distinctive contrast between the Kingdom in which Christ reigns with love and mercy; and the World System set in motion by God millennia ago and today administered by sworn operatives in Cain's legacy of the most ruthless sin management. The trick is to see the difference, as well as to approach the characteristics of the contrast not with ferocious remonstrations against what must be or with meek resignation enduring obsequious enslavement. It is to understand . Even as He says in the ninth chapter of Jeremiah, it is to boldly "understand and know God" for the purpose of being introduced to the bounty of His Truth and Grace. I do the very best that I can with that, in large part on the work I do with my webzine's home page piece, which this month has touched on the idea of wealth renunciation . It is that concept that I wa

Conspiracy Theory No. 42,000

With the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination about a week away, everyone's getting all kinds of conspiracy stuff splashed in their faces. With a bit of fascination about the events of November 22nd 1963, the other night I watched part of a television show that declared the second gunman was a Secret Service agent who accidentally shot the president from a vehicle traveling behind the president. Um, yeah. Right. The suggestion did have a lot of compelling things going for it, the smell of gunpowder all around, the very great likelihood a very poor marksman like Oswald simply could not have fired all three shots in such a short period of time, the persistent interference by Secret Service agents for virtually every moment of the post-assassination assessment of the forensic evidence, and others. But then, why did Kennedy's head still move backwards so dramatically with that final shot? It simply could not have come from behind but in front. And this agent shot him acc