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A Whole World of Useful Victims

Bari Weiss has gotten a bit of wide airplay for her courage in calling out the stuff the System vomits into the mainstream psyche. She once was a big-shot writer or editor of some sort at the New York Times and her sensitive conscience simply could not be tamed. She's shared much over the past year or so, but the one thing I wanted to bring to this blog post was her Substack publication of a letter by a parent pulling his daughter from a prestigious school in New York. That letter is here , I urge you to read it. I am, however, discovering more and more about how Rome's designs are making their way deeper and deeper into the discursive activity around us. Well, really, it has always  been there, I believe I'm just recognizing it more, yet getting more discouraged. Please no worries, I know my Lord has got this.  But it is still sorrowful  in that so many don't get that . I still feel it. I'd like to note something really simple, for instance. He points out that crit