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The Egregious Omissions of a 501c3 Pastor

It is hard to find good healthy churches that can provide rich spiritual sustenance. I'm convinced that it is because most Christian churches are intractably tied to the World System through its law and bylaws, one of which is the 501c3 paperwork the leaders of those churches sign to get all the goodies Caesar offers them. Tonight I went to the Saturday evening event of a "Truth Conference" that trumpeted itself as an apologetics-oriented affair, and I'm always jumping on good apologetics kinds of things. The speaker tonight was Ed Hinson, and I'd never heard of him, but thought I'd step in and see what was what. His ambitious plan was to go through the entire book of Revelation for the several hundred seated in the megachurch-like auditorium. Whew, I thought, that's a really tall order. But alas, I was not in a church where the people were necessarily expecting an expansive scholarly take on a very challenging part of the Bible. Sure enough, much of

Garry Trudeau's Ribald Defense of the Reigning Fairy Tale

Last Sunday the Doonesbury comic was a vicious swipe at those who believe in God and what He says in the Bible. Some of cartoonist Garry Trudeau's stuff is fine, but far too often he lights into those who don't share his view of things, and when he does he just looks mostly foolish. His strip Sunday was a classic instance of this. I couldn't help but put together an alternate version, one that reflects the truth about the scientific evidence, and that version is here . I went ahead and put mine up on "the wall" at Facebook and thought, hmm, wonder if anyone's going to add some remarks? Would they be favorable, from those who tend to believe in God as He shares Himself in the Bible? Or would they be unfavorable, from those who don't quite believe in all that in that way? So far I've gotten two "Likes," which is really cool, but not a single comment. This is kind of why I really don't spend too much time on Facebook. I mean there are

Who Really is the Father of Lights?

I saw an ad for a film called  Father of Lights . Don't know much about it, but was intrigued because the term is a name for God in the New Testament. So I went to the website about the film, and found a piece written by someone responsible for it who says this is the third film in a series that is supposed to tell us who God is really . Apparently the film shows all kinds of awesome things happening to people, and this proves that God is loving and kind and giving and gracious and because of all that... He definitely then isn't Angry. It wasn't just that the writer said this, but he said in that pukifyingly humanist way, you know, "We must get rid of that Neanderthal idea that God is wrathful, which is just so ridiculous and no enlightened person really believes that anymore." I read this and, yes, got a little angry. I get a bit ticked about these kinds of statements because they themselves are so idiotic. For one, the guy writes with such anger himsel

The LIBOR Extraction and Many Other Sacrificial Procedures

I wish I had the time and energy to blog much much much more often. As I'd noted before, it is very difficult to get something of meaning down here as frequently as I'd like, and it is really only because I spend so much time ministering to my family, my students, and my neighbors. It partially titled this post "The LIBOR Extraction" because last month I so longed to address the revelation that the LIBOR rate, which is merely a widely referenced interest rate, was manipulated by Higher-Ups in some manner for the expressed purpose of forming questionable impressions about value. Many people benefitted, many others took a hit. I wanted to regale my readers with the whys and wherefores about it, but it really came down to this: It was yet another typical way powerful people living by, for, and within the agency of Cain carry out their proper human sacrifice practices against those who properly let them. Yes, people die slow and painful deaths through it all, but the