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The Big Troll, Part II

Recently some news has been coming out that this vicious new Congresswoman widely known as AOC has gotten a bit of negative attention about something questionable her main handler did with some money. This is the woman who is generally ridiculed for having a noticeable dearth of functioning brain cells, yet there are quite a few who through the tears of laughter still wonder how in the world she could possibly be getting the rock star attention she does. What has been happening behind the scenes may also help explain why she is so vicious. See, this webzine ministry commitment has always been to follow not as much the money  but rather the handlers , that is, those who really work the ones most visibly shoved out in the mainstream to vibrantly sustain Cain's legacy. It is a bit more of a task to look beyond them  to their handlers , but it can be done. Ultimately you'll always get to those doing work in the Society of Jesus, composed of the authorized World Operatives us

The Big Troll

Often enough a major motion picture release is a splendid metaphor for the way real life is. One such film was Bird Box . With the notion that most have already seen it or at least have an idea about its basic premise, I'm going ahead and sharing that the protagonists must wear blindfolds for the simple reason that the world has been taken over by some kind of soaring demons who when gazed upon cause such distress that the beholder must commit suicide. Oh wow. How much that is like the way things really are in today's real world. And ya know? It hasn't really been that much different throughout all of humankind's contemptibly benighted history. So very very many see what the devil has for them, they hypnotically adopt whatever it is, and at some point not too far into the future, they accordingly meet their unfortunate demise. How many of those kinds of instances there are, but the latest is a doozy. It is what I call The Big Troll . Social media troll