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"Come Quickly Lord Jesus"

Just feel like blogging a bit of eschatology here. I just feel like it. I'm not a date-predictor by any means. But among the very last words in the very last couples of verses of the Bible are "Come quickly Lord Jesus." What a wonderful matter that will be. Thing is, here's what I see right now. I see Russia and China both moving big-time on a thoroughly destabilized Syria. I seem to remember some Christians with some reasonable eschatological sentiments saying that Russia is the "Gog/Magog" of Ezekiel and China represents the "Kings of the East." Israel has a powerful army and terrific security unit, and they are now mobilizing big-time in response to this. Some eschatological minds have thunk that the reason the U.S. does not play a part in last days prophecy is because it just isn't there . With a completely arrogant, incompetent president and a stunningly spineless, impotent Congress I'm beginning to see some truth there. I seem

Seeds From the Evil One, Still Sprouting

I live in California where we are told if we water our lawns we're evil. Never mind that residential use makes up a piddle (puddle?) amount of the water used in the state. Sure we need most of that water for agricultural purposes -- we all eat. But I'm also great with reasonable conservation activity. On the corner of my street a homeowner with a perfectly beautiful front lawn decided to drink the Kool-Aid, however, and tear up that lawn and install other more "drought-friendly" landscaping. Why?  Even with incentive rebates (which are not a whole lot, let's face it, and I'm pretty sure that money dried up a while ago) I just can't see why so many people are buying into the overblown anti-drought message. Oh, wait, I know. People still live in the deepest guilt with the most crushing shame. Hey! How about becoming more drought-tolerant! That'll make me feel way better! I'm fascinated with Jesus' parable about the seed-sower. There in

The Reigning Wicked Sophistry

Here's the latest salvo from the extraordinarily powerful pro-sodomy voice. This billboard. It's gotten some news coverage, I'd say more to keep raging sentiments stirred than to make any kind of logically robust statement about how sodomy is perfectly fine or anything like that. Apparently it was posted near Kim Davis' environs, Davis being the county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses as a declaration that she'd like to stand by righteousness rather than submit to the loud wail for institutionalizing sinful behavior. When I first saw this, I thought about the image before I'd looked at the words next to it. It reminded me of another billboard, just as idiotic and as such you probably hadn't seen much of it. It had a photograph of a dog going "Moo" with something about being who you want to be even if it doesn't align with what others think. That kind of thing, you know, the message clearly: if you want to be a girl in a

The God Algorithm

I see the Dow dropped another 500 or so points today. This was after a brief uptick, and that was after a major fall a week ago. Oh the volatility in the market! Oh the opportunity for those who can manage risk -- cha-ching! Oh the rank exploitation of value assignments among a world populace who haven't the slightest clue about how to value anything! I've just posted my latest home page piece , and I'm just posting here now to give you the heads-up about it. Seems now the trendy fad is to value things via The Algorithm . Bitcoin, blockchain, the black box --  oh do we got it now! Let's just put our trust in The Math! Damn, everything is just math anyway, why didn't we think of this before? And WOW with faster and faster and fasterandfasterandfaster information processing, it'll be easy! Sad. Most don't know diddly about value . Just look around. In a prominent news story I caught a number of those championing sexual abuse by sodomy say the mos