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Tiger, LeBron, and the Assigned Value Assessors

A convergance of intriguing items to address materialized recently. Today everyone gravitated from the water cooler to the office-floor plasma screen to watch Tiger Woods speak out for the first time since he was caught with his pants down a few months ago. The intrigue lies in just how attentive the country was. Woods is truly a sports idol, vitually everyone having some opinion about his exploits and their impact on... their impact on-- what exactly ? Come on, when you think about it, why should anyone give a rip about what this guy does outside of hitting a golf ball a mile? No wonder the one thing he growled the most fiercely was "Stay away from my family." No, a nation full of devout Catholicists must engage in stout moralizing and those who claim to be so progressive as to be above it all betray the fact that there is still some line they can't tolerate their idols crossing. If they still insist on impossible open-mindedness they'd be effectively marginalize

The Bountiful Wonderfulness of the Law

Our neighbors across the street have a phenomenally beautiful home. It isn't anything special in-and-of itself, but what they've put into it makes it a top candidate for being showcased in one of those best home magazines. Turns out the busy-body lady in the house behind them called them out for having too much awning over patio areas. So the city sped over to tell them to get rid of some of it. I've seen all the awning area they have. It is marvelous. Compliments the entire look fabulously. There is plenty of sky to be seen. Every time I'm over there I seethe with the worst jealouly, this back yard is to die for. Everyone who likes nice things would think it worthy of the gods. That is, 99.9999 percent of us standard-issue human beings. Not Mrs. Crabgrass behind them though. And this thing called the law , which in this case dictates some rigmarole about exceeding acceptable awning space. Yes I know there are probably very good things about this law and certain