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More Pre-Born Children Condemned to Death

Today that expected Supreme Court ruling was finally announced. Roe  v. Wade was overturned. In a 5-4 ruling the states have now been awarded the decision about what they want to do with murdering pre-born children. Some will allow it, some won't. Many of the pre-born human beings are now condemned to death in those 20 or so states that will now strengthen their pro-abortion statutes. This means, really... The decision today is now worse for those pre-born children . A number of major companies have already announced that they will provide in some cases up to $4,000 in expenses for a woman and a companion to travel to a state that allows abortion if the state where she works does not. A number of other provisions are in place in the states prohibiting abortion that water down the real meaning of a real law that fully protects the life of a pre-born human in every instance from conception through pregnancy. So what difference does it make? All the squawking about it you'll hear

The Juneteenth Mythology

The Americanist enterprise sure does spectacularly with its grand mythology. The latest episode is the Juneteenth craze, the celebration that should now be pounded into our psyches commemorating the day shortly after the end of the US Civil War when the last slaves were pronounced to be free. I wrote some blog posts back in 2020 about the phenomenon, so I won't detail it much here, but I wanted to share some thoughts about a key idea embedded in the whole thing. Indeed it is really the raison d'etre  of the whole thing. It is gathering so much steam, by the way, that I'd read 30% of the workforce is taking the day off today, this Monday after the 19th. I'm sure that percentage will grow as the mainstream mass media mandarins rev up the racialist tropes. "Don't pay the requisite amount of respect for the Juneteenth holiday? It's obvious you're a racist." Except for one thing. See, the whole thing rests on the idea that slavery ended on that June 19

Summer Days Truth Rules

On my long summer walks I often see these small white butterflies flittering about. I thoroughly enjoy watching them and richly consider the majesty of God's creation whenever I do. It blows my mind that they do what they do, one of the most amazing is how they zip about and never bump into anything. Have you every observed that? Really: never have I seen a butterfly zig-zag so maniacally and haphazardly and bump into any part of the bush or tree or anything around which it is zig-zagging. Never. Even when it is a bit windy and it appears their little bodies are frighteningly subject to being slammed against some other much more imposing inanimate structure, they still adroitly bob and weave and get exactly where they need to get. I've even typed into the search engine this question, "Why don't butterflies bump into anything when flying?" Seems about as simple a question as I can make it, but the results are so far a grand total of zero. There was a lot of other s

The Lethal Culture War is Getting More Lethal

Tonight on a television news talk show was a clip of US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg making the claim -- in spiffily rhetorical overtones, but very clear nonetheless -- that solving the country's problems with outdated infrastructure and air travel cancellations and auto travel congestion and of course racism and climate change was for women to be sure their now endangered reproductive rights were not under any threat that they'd be in danger or anything. In other words, we can have more road space and better energy usage and yada yada if there were simply fewer people out there making it all so darned crowdy and women can help by having those abortions they want to have. Is anyone  with the tiniest brain cell -- or really, the microscopicest heart  cell -- seeing how this is simply more rationalization for the human sacrifice Caesar is asked to carry out as a matter of practice? It is harrowing that there are so many now with no conception of Scriptural truths and a

Know About the Catholicist Nation and Know Freedom

I was listening to a recent podcast by Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason  while doing some yard work today and he generally does a fine job of elucidating biblical principles and logical truths. In this one he addressed concerns about someone who made the following statement, I assume it was in a tweet: "It is an act of love to abort a brown child rather than give it to white evangelical parents." Greg was aghast and did the standard apologetic about abortion and so forth... but then he could still only conclude with simple dismay and resignation about the woeful terribleness of this idea. Sad, because if he truly knew how much the Jesuit Order through its vast communication network has convinced so many that "Christian" = Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical Body with Fully Exerted Seven-Fold Retributive Force, he and anyone with any insight would see that in the eyes of this tweeter "white evangelical" is merely that force embodied in the "white imperialist h