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Critical Mass II

"What we really really really really really need is stability ." This was the word resounding through the halls of the World System today, rationalizing more institutionally sanctioned deceit to keep people convinced the value extraction machine will keep humming as usual. Never mind that very few people are saying what we really need, a bazillion times more important than stability. Truth . I saw a sign outside a church that had one of those pithy sayings on it. This one was "It is more important to be kind than to be right." I know why this is so touching, believe me, I got that. But it is an idiotic statement . After ruminating on it I thought, "Hmm, isn't it more important to be right about kindness?" The World System is right about how much it must use law enforcement to crack heads. So when the Democrats succeed in passing legislation to keep the borrowing for summary head-cracking to continue, to keep THE government going so it is

Critical Mass

When Tupper Saussy was thinking about when to release his latest work, Gods for the Godless , he mentioned that the most opportune time would be when things happening were approaching "critical mass." I knew what he meant by that, but he passed away in 2007 without ever getting to the point when that would be actualized. ( Here's a page with a link to the original material for that book.) Still, I wonder, when will things reach critical mass? When will that happen, perhaps when people will either actually come to Christ or just flat-out ask God for rocks to drop on them to keep them from even having to face His judgment? No matter, we all will anyway. Everyone is resurrected. Just depends on whether you're being resurrected into life or into judgment. I could mention a few of the things I see going on out there. There's the gal who today rammed her car into the White House barricade, and was gunned down with a child in the backseat (who apparently was okay).