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I am a bit of a sports fan -- well, more of a fan of particular sports teams.  I've been a San Francisco Giants fan since my first attended game as a kid in 1971. Mays and McCovey, even Dietz and Fuentes and Speier were my heroes. I've also been a rabid Kansas City Chiefs fan since my forebears settled and thrived for years in Kansas. Yeah, this does involve a bit of appreciation for what the particular sport itself is, but my impassioned fandom requires me to temper my attention. I work at least modestly successfully to maintain what I call a sports celibacy,  just looking at nothing about it all. To be honest it is serving me pretty well right now. The world of high-level professional sports has gotten extraordinarily ugly, however, and that makes it hard to keep some items out of the news stream for me to have to witness. Some of those items here in a minute, but I'm blogging now to introduce my latest home page piece over at my webzine, one on the real meaning of self-