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So Who Should One Vote For?

The race for the U.S. presidency is getting hotter and heavier, what with everyone hollering about which potential potentate to put into high office. It is Hillary vs. Donald in the main event! It is my consideration that it doesn't matter a whit who gets there, because that individual will always be a vibrantly dutiful Catholicist , indeed he/she  must  be if Cain's agency is to fulfill its divinely authorized obligations. Does this mean God has a hand in all of this? Many will say the Bible says, "God arranges everything Himself." This leads many to adopt the most rigid five-point Calvinist view and settle into a comfortably fatalistic perspective on things. Others will say "We have a role in how we decide how we are to live." This view certainly has extensive Biblical support, even though many Reformed would screech that this view is full of misinterpretations about what Scripture really  means. Don't we know the answer to this? Didn't Paul