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A Visit to Costco

Tonight we made a trip to Costco, snagged a few things we like you can get in bulk. We also picked up some videos we had made into DVDs. Some things I got to behold in the books and toys section. "Frozen" stuff seems to be everywhere, "Frozen" being that extraordinarily popular Disney/Pixar film about the gal who has power to make things very cold. Of course, the character Elsa is the one who decides to "let it go" in song, abandoning all pretense of decorum and ice-blasting everything around her. I've heard children sing this song to death, and it makes me very sad. Mark Levin is a popular conservative talk show screecher, and please, don't get me wrong, I like listening to some of his schtick, it is often smart and insightful. But Levin is still a small fragile toy in the hands of the Operative elite who twist his screws. His latest book is Plunder and Deceit , and while I only slightly leafed through it, I get the idea of what it is abou