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The Tower of Siloam Truth Rule

As I've shared here before I enjoy Jeffrey Tucker's lucid takes on the Covidian Cult lunacy that still reigns across the globe. Thing is he, as so many others, come up woefully short when concluding his brief monographs whether at his fine site, Brownstone,  or on Twitter. For instance recently he wrote "The financial crisis, the lockdown crisis, the mandate crisis, the public health crisis, have all pointed to one end: a genuine medical care crisis."  Erghk. No, the end to which it points is the Jesuit order holding sway over powerful people to deliberately keep things really effed-up crisis. Even so. Then what? The whatever-whatever crisis is shaped to ensure Cain's Legacy is fueled and fired up. It's what it does -- all the time, over and over and over again. Sure "Covid" may end but the Cult will continue to thrive as long as enough people like it and want it. Nothing against Jeffrey Tucker -- again, I like him. I do. He says insightfully truthfu