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"Attention, This is Your Federal Reserve Chairman Speaking..."

I look over the Los Angeles Times frequently just to see what the World is talking about. You may have seen quite a few references to it in this blog, but that is only because I live in the Los Angeles area and it is the top paper of the area, a prominent System mouthpiece along with the New York Times and Washington Post to keep us abreast of all the things we're supposed to do to be good World inhabitants. Today I noted a couple of things from that mouthpiece that add more profound evidence for the nature of the World in distinct contrast to the Kingdom, the place where God calls us to love one another authentically. I want to start with Tom Petruno's column titled "Fed needs you to take risks despite chaos." He goes into all the yabba-yabba about how lower interest rates may be good for borrowers but is lousy for investors, he puts out some numbers-- yeah yeah, anyone who pays a rats nard of attention to the market knows all this. His main point is that for the eco

The Lima Bean Jesus

Recently I came across two articles that I wanted to share with you. The first is called "The Lima Bean Gospel," written by a Presbyterian minister who laments the impotency of the church today. He points out that those given over to postmodern sentiments consider Jesus and the gospel no better than lima beans, just a thing those people have over there. He does an eloquent job of making the case, but the problem is that this is nothing new. For eons I've seen desperate resignation from all the Christian faithful about how irrelevant "the church" is. It always seems to come from people who've gone into Christendom bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and then when they see what's really happening they write things like this. That second piece is Bob Burney's Willow Creek Confession , in which he explains how Illinois megachurch Willow Creek Community Church comprehensively evaluated its "seeker-sensitive" model and found it woefully lacking in maki

The Gods of the Robots

My latest webzine home page piece addresses some of the absurdity of the Darwinist world view. Sometimes I wonder in these endeavors if (a) I'm offering something new to the conversation and (b) if I'm fully giving honor to the One Who Is Truth, Jesus Christ. I say this because as I review my latest piece I think that (a) I'm just rehashing all the stuff most Christians already say is truly silly about Darwinism, and (b) I make a case for God but that case may be shrugged off because so many believe in "God" anyway so what'm I really saying after all? As I think about it I've found that (a) I do offer some ideas no one is talking about, namely that Darwinists must by nature be absolutely blind to what is true as they are beholden to the one who was sent out of the presence of God in Genesis 4, and that (b) I make clear that God of whom I speak of is the Jesus Christ of Scripture, not some nebulous "whatever you want to make him" kind of God. But

The Robot Gods

Prepared for what space alien robots will first tell you when they zip down from the skies? Remember what that is? For review: "Take us to your leader." Turns out they won't have much trouble finding them because the leaders of the World System are also robots, in a sense. They don't know anything about what makes an earthling truly human, that's for sure. To find out what I mean, my latest webzine home page piece gets into it, with a bit of the Darwinism debate as a pretext.