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Trust Can Only Be True When You Love One Another, Part II

I can't help but put in another plug for D.C McAllister , The Federalist writer who absolutely nails it with this piece regarding true sexuality versus the pathetic, warped, twisted version the World bilges through Hollywood, Washington, Wall Street, and especially Rome. She actually does mention Christ in this one, through her simple reference to Song of Solomon. Because the entirety of the Old Testament speaks of Christ, Song of Solomon and its rich language of deep impassioned love is Christ. Truly this is how Christ feels about his bride. If you were Christ's you'd want to be beautiful before Him too. Why does all this seem so unseemly to many? They've been so programmed by the System of sin management to do sexuality in so many horrifically unrighteous ways, all involving sin then law then condemnation then sin then law then condemnation repeat rinse repeat rinse repeat rinse ad nauseam , having no conception of who Christ is and what He's about and how muc

Trust Can Only Be True When You Love One Another

I haven't blogged for a while and I don't know when I will again. I'm just so busy with work and family and Christmas events, I just can't hit the keyboard as often as I'd like. I do get discouraged, I confess, because I see so much folly smothering everyone all around and it doesn't seem like anything I think or feel or, of course, write about much matters. I do, however, have to put up a post with a link to  this piece from The Federalist , because it just hits at the heart of the horror of what's going on right now in an overly sexualized hyper-Catholicized society. The World System engenders all kinds of idiocy that simply does not address things righteously. The #metoo movement is a great example of this. It is truly frightening, truly. The author of the piece even makes this the main feature of her thesis --  that it is the fear.  The only way out is through  faith , she says, but I must add... Faith on what? For it to be meaningful  at all  it

We STILL Haven't Learned - Eh, We Haven't for Millennia...

There's a conflagration now about the most proper sexual morality in light of the fact that just about everyone who's anyone is being exposed for their rank immorality. Okay maybe NOW we'll get the right idea about the right way to be righteous with our genitals. ::Sigh:: Two of the very best pieces in the panoply of punditry these days about it all are this one from John Hawkins and this one from Matt Walsh. I can't find any that are better. There are a few really important things though that they don't say, and absolutely no one is saying these things. At least not that I've seen. Wow I'd sure like to see more of these things in the mainstream, but well, The Catholicist Nation  perspective is a bit eccentric, so, no matter, never mind, whatever... That first one from Hawkins gets right smack at the truth about sexually charged behavior, and there is pretty much an unspoken truth in there just so graphically elucidated by Hawkins. We are all capti

The Great Catholicist Scribe

I happened to pick up a copy of the New York Times on Friday -- sometimes I try to get a glance at some of the things the System's top megaphone holder wants our souls to absorb. Its top scribe seems to be David Brooks, and what a fantastic propagator of all things Catholicist Nation he is. His column on Friday was one of his best. It was a meandering scrawl full of vain platitudes, a whimpering appeal to anyone who even remotely thinks Trump is anything better than dirt, a drudging cry for us all to come back around to those splendid American values, you know, community  (not Trump), and marriage and family  (not Trump in any way), and faithfulness  (way not Trump), and humility  (REALLY not Trump), and neighborliness  (eeyew SO not Trump), and (quoting Rabbi Jonathan Sacks) " a strong sense of the American narrative " (NOT TRUMP!) Give Brooks credit, he uses all kinds of culturally imperious biblical affectations to wring out the best Catholicist sentiments from t

The Delightful Nobel Prize Folly

Everyone has known how silly the Nobel Peace Prize is. It is frequently awarded to people who've been horrifically violent yet have recently announced how much less violent they will be, or to people who contribute to the enablement of others' violence by offering up mealy-mouthed "peace" language to disguise their ineptitude, or to people who've done absolutely nothing but appear as quite nobly valiant racialist crusaders, such as Barack Obama in 2009. Such is the World System's grand institutionalized virtue signaling program. I also pay attention to a bit of the Nobel Prize in Economics, which was awarded this morning. It too has a reputation for foolishness, probably the most notable example is the one given to Myron Scholes in 1997, the guy who helped set up the genius Black-Scholes investment formula that was the linchpin in the notorious torpedoing of Long-Term Capital Management sinking to the bottom of the financial world investments amounting to

The Insidious Seduction of the System's Autocrat

I came across this piece in The Federalist  I found to be one of the boldest expressions of reality and charity there is. So many people out there sneer that I should not care what they do with their unconventional sexual behavior, and yet I do care. I care because I care about people's sexual health, their physical health, especially their spiritual health. I care about those sucked into the insidiously lethal sodomist maelstrom. So yeah, that's precisely why I say what I say in my webzine and here in my blog. I'd been reading Matt Walsh's The Unholy Trinity  and he is spot-on with how the sodomist agenda is so destructive, with how those who enthusiastically tell us all we must celebrate the unconventional behaviors of openly active homosexuals, same-sex marriage participants, and transgender claimants are also so contemptibly destructive of everyone in the community in which they dwell. The problem is the debate cannot just stop at "freedom of religion&quo

Who Is It You Listen To? Unless It Is God, It Will Be The Autocrat

This article appeared about the inanity happening at Google regarding a bunch of clueless Gen-X'er and Millennial genius computer people trying to get the concept of righteousness. Unless they look at it by God's Word, they'll be lost. Take a peek at what they are blithering in the posts and tweets and rants they've been bilging about. It isn't that they don't know there is truth, it is that they think truth is what the Jesuit-managed System tells them it is. In fact there are grains of truth in those things in that Breitbart piece, but they can only respond with "Well that's just how I feel don't hurt me." Really, look -- you see it all over the page. These are fearful, even paranoid people scared to death that they'll be found out so they can't help but proclaim "I'm the right kind of social justice warrior! Listen to MY genius thoughts about it all!" You could even see that they're so into the System's ve

Don't Fear God? You'll Really Fear Everything Else. Just Look at Venezuela...

I clicked on the link to this story in the New York Times . The image here was there with the online story. I'd love to say a lot about this, but, ya know. I kinda already have. Much of what I'd say here in this blog post has already been said here in the blog and in my webzine . Not many people read. Not many listen -- or understand. It is pathetic. It's not even about me at all. Pretty much just simple wisdom and common sense. It's just too many people listen to those running Cain's legacy.  Yeah, again -- find out more on my webzine . I invite you to browse there, look at some things, think about it, even email me. Be a part of the conversation -- that's cool. Or really. Please, I'm not all that, really, I'm not. Scripture  is what you really want to look at. Anyway, here's a story about what's happening in Venezuela, and it's all about how fearful the New York Times and its millions of cohorts' are feeling regarding the prec

The Opioid Overdose Epidemic Remedy

I wanted to put up a post merely to announce my latest home page piece . I always try to connect the announcement with something significant going on in the world, and while there are a lot of things happening, my brain is so full of things I can't pin down something now... Except for a brief reference to something I'd caught about the opioid overdose epidemic, and it does tie in to my latest piece on the impotency of a Caesar-directed church network in the U.S. I try to keep up on what's going on with this crisis, something the news doesn't address much at all, what with all the time they must spend shredding Donald Trump new asshole after new asshole. The epidemic relates to all the deaths that occur from people simply wanting their pain deadened, and with some kind of pain-killing opioid based medication they pretty much just deaden themselves -- but, as Benjamin Franklin once said, "Nine in ten men are suicides," that may be precisely what they want.

The James Comey Delightfully Splendid Disinformation Reality Show Extravaganza

The James Comey show is the latest wildly happenin' "reality" extravaganza those among the mainline mainstream media are slobbering over. It is clear they just desperately want that smoking gun to emerge  so they can once and for all rid the universe of their bane of existence, Donald Trump. I'm not paying much attention to it except that it is apparent there is truly nothing there, at least within the confines of World System prosecution. Still, the disinformation explodes like never before . One very interesting thing was the response former FBI director Comey had to a question about a particular New York Times report of note. I haven't the faintest idea what was in the report -- it was probably something about how evil the Russians were or how evil the Trump foreign policy team was or any of those things. The answer itself is the thing that is revealing: “In the main – it was not true, the challenge -- and I’m not picking on reporters -- about writing s

It Is Always About Your God

On September 24, 2015, the pope of the Roman Catholic Church spoke to the entire U.S. Congress in the House of Representatives chamber. He was received with ravishing applause, and as he spoke the then-Speaker of the House and top Republican leader John Boehner blubbered. The very day after this event Boehner not only resigned his Speaker position but left the Congress all together. This was portrayed as nothing but a minor political calculation, something similar to "I want to spend more time with my family", and was summarily dismissed as of no matter by just about everyone. I'm pretty sure I know why Boehner bolted, and while I'm pretty sure some could see this, I saw no one write or speak about it. The pope, a seasoned Jesuit, very eloquently made the case that the U.S. government needed to get off its ass and start helping people more -- way more, because there was this disadvantaged person and that disadvantaged person and think of the suffering. Boehner

The Oracle Soup

I was in Barnes and Noble tonight, doing the browsing thing which I love to do. I have a teacher's discount, so occasionally I'll pick up a book I'd like, as I did tonight. Couple of books caught my eye, and I may or may not read them. One was The Entitlement Cure  by John Townsend, who was quite the formidable influence on my young adult life, teaching me about bonding and boundaries. He's an extraordinarily wise man, and this latest looks like more of the same regarding something I've thought for quite some time. I did leaf through it a bit, though not much because I don't think it is quite right to read whole sections of a book that isn't purchased. The part I did see though confirmed what I thought. That when you think people owe you something, life is pretty miserable. Among those few words I caught were "entitlement pockets", meaning there are at least some  things we think we're owed no matter how gracious and deferential we are. I

The Truth is Not Dead - We're Just Waiting for the New York Times Version of Truth to Die

Recently Time magazine did a modern take on its famous cover from 1966, "Is God Dead?" At that time many were abandoning formal religion for the hinterlands of alternative spiritualities, what with the ability to travel to and communicate with other cultures becoming faster and easier. "Hey! Wow! Look at this cool spiritual thing here in India! Hmm, Hinduism  and all the karma and reincarnation and all that cool stuff! Or over here! Buddhism  where you can just let it all go because it's all nothing anyway! Cool!" A lot of these ideas wove their way into more liberal theological pronouncements consuming some of the more eminent seminaries, and quite a few people then headed off to Woodstock-like events rather than those stodgy old concrete churches. Today our "post-truth" society now wonders, "Is Truth Dead?" Funny, for that statement to be meaningful, truth must be alive . While it is easy to understand the sentiment, this is why ask

"Certainty Starts Wars"

"Certainty starts wars" earned wild applause when proudly blurted by Andrew Garfield on a recent episode of the Stephen Colbert show. Colbert's show is an excellent place to learn about the things World Ops pack into the minds of a rapt audience ill-equipped to understand how the devil is toying with them. Garfield has been the acclaimed star of two reasonably well-received films, Hacksaw Ridge  and Silence . Both have a Roman Catholic connection. The former was made by Mel Gibson, a devout Roman Catholic and a controversial filmmaker whose stirring epics are smothered with the most grisly violent content. The latter is a historical drama about Jesuit priests who have crises of faith when they visit Japan and endure some persecution -- I humbly admit I have seen neither film but I do have some general knowledge about the substance of each. Garfield and Colbert were bantering about this thing certainty  when the idea was brought up that certainly is terrifying . This

The Kingdom Counterfeit Roars Again

One of my good friends from church put on Facebook a link to this story . The very typical idea: that if you're a person with a top government job -- notably the president of the United States -- and you say you're a Christian, then you should have this characteristic and that characteristic and this other characteristic. This kind of thing is quite pronounced today because Donald Trump is president, and after he did some prayer breakfast things liberal-minded folks found yet another opening to shred him a new aye-hole by pontificating about what a real  Christian is supposed to be like, and they gathered all the ministers they could who also don't like Trump to add credibility to the claim. "800 good wholesome qualified Christian ministers of some kind say Trump is no Christian so this is another proof that Trump is a great big aye-hole so we should all really really hate him already," essentially. Now, I could go into several of the items mentioned that th

The Institutionalized Smear, Part II

My latest home page piece  is about the meaningful truth about fake news. While there is a lot about it to address, such as some things in my last blog post about the ideas sure to be in Sharyl Attkisson's new book The Smear , more and more is laid bare for us to see the reality of this phenomena. I'd just like to point out a couple of those things here in a new blog post. This expose about the Washington Post is quite illuminating. The Washington Post is a  major  mainstream mass media rag, the people who work there  major  World System megaphone blabbers, and as much as they blab about the fake news they don't like, they're busy making up the stories to add to the grand Americanist mythology they want people to hold dear. It is, indeed, a critically authoritative duty of Cain's City Promoters, they're supposed to be doing this stuff. It is the most demonic propaganda, but good for regulating behavior of a reprobate populace. This truth was further co

The Institutionalized Smear

A new book is coming out I'm eager to enjoy. It is Sharyl Attkisson's The Smear , and the tease info tells us it is all about how authoritative operatives mold our thinking about the ways things should be out in the political and social world. The emphasis is that they get us to buy into idiotic ideas I've spent a lot of webspace showcasing, such as here ,  here , and here . Apparently it isn't out in release yet, but again I'm looking forward to getting into it. Attkisson is one of those intrepid reporters who's essentially been dismissed by any and all mainstream mass media organizations because she's done a little bit more than they want her to do to expose the truth about things. Her approach doesn't quite fit in with the metanarrative Caesar's studio production execs and staff want filling our minds. Thing is, I'm not expecting Attkisson to expose those who are molding the minds of the operatives molding our minds. It is a place very few