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The Wonderful Matter of Authentic Understanding

In my last home page piece I wrote a bit about this thing people believe is Artificial Intelligence .  May I firmly posit something about that thing more widely known as AI ? Something that is indeed an inviolate Truth Rule, and for which there are a number of ways to easily prove it, one of which I'll share with you right now? That Truth Rule: There is no such thing as AI. Yes, it is true. Once again for emphasis, artificial intelligence does not exist in any form, and never will. In fact, the more people even use the term "AI" or any of the language associated with it, at any time, in any context, they are carrying on a horrifically evil deceit. Yes many will screech "Oh but what about this?!" or "What about that there?!! It's amazing!"  Things that really spectacularly look like a machine is doing that same things a human does, even better because it is some transcendently sentient super-brain that can't help but make our wretched existence

The Era of Raging Exhibitionism

When I was a kid and I was out and about with my family, we might see someone doing something painfully unusual, often it was willfully displaying large parts of their unclothed body in public (sometimes it was their entire body!) My mother would almost always instruct us that this individual was an exhibitionist , and she explained. These kind of people have a pathological need to do something like that to gain attention, to elicit some kind of response from others -- they are terribly insecure and wounded individuals who must act out in attempt to cover for that. Today you hear about such individuals as being narcissistic , but I think that is not quite as good a descriptive term as exhibitionist. By virtue of the definition derived from the original mythology, a narcissist should be happy spending the day looking at his or her image in the mirror. The exhibitionist, on the other hand, goes out and commands people feed his pathology. I saw a meme quote the other day and it somewhat a