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Magnificent Acceptance, Christmas Season Edition

I have a confession to make. Too often I just can't see the forest through the trees. God blesses me tremendously to sit with me every morning and abundantly share His words with me, and then listen to my own heart when I praise Him and tell Him my concerns. I'm not sharing this to boast about my piety at all, sorry, again, this is just a confession -- that sometimes I catch something happening and just wonder why I didn't quite get that before. Reading this article was an eye-opener with regards to how someone like George Gascon can be elected into a position that requires him to crack heads, yet prove himself to be someone who has expressly demonstrated that he'll do radical things as Los Angeles District Attorney that will not accomplish that goal. How did he get there? Ahh. I see. It is indeed something I've already written about , but something I don't think anyone can get without a robust biblical perspective on the way things are. I almost didn't get

Magnificent Acceptance

On my long walk the other day I was ruminating on the contemptibly massive dissipation of the pretty decent things we've enjoyed for some time in this United States. Many are a bit upset about how this recent presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump, and it definitely was.  It is far more disturbing to realize how few understand it should be way more soul-crushing to observe that there are in this United States so many people who are willing to cast an official registration of their desires (by their vote in a civil election) for more proliferated sexual assault crimes (any promotion and enabling of LGBT+ activity), more destruction of people's legitimately earned income and wealth (gruesomely distended public assistance programs and abusive monetary policy mandates), more of the explosively ugly bearing false witness (rampant accusations of some absurd identity politics violation obliterating lives and livelihoods), and the latest, more pounding down the stultifying

Cain's Proficiently Functioning Legacy Is All Over This

The most ferociously truthful people on the planet right now are Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. They know, based on the plain evidence, that powerful deep politics operatives manipulated election procedures and protocols to ensure the retrogressive movement gets more of a foothold in our world. Not to worry, this has happened hundreds of times before through the millennia, and if you decide you want to be in the full abiding care of The Shepherd you should have no care at all. It is good to be at least a bit aware of the horror He delivers the soul from. My latest home page piece gets a bit more into this, I invite you to take a look. I appreciate you readership. But Powell and Wood seem to be the only ones with the cajones  to actually fight for truthful political things. They know Trump won reelection by millions of votes. They've now urged a boycott of the senatorial run-off elections in Georgia January 5th because they know that Georgia's election processing is such a mess th