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The Slippery Slope to Hell

Felt like pounding out this post while waiting for 60 Minutes  to rebroadcast its piece from last fall, the one that brilliantly illuminated the crushing drug problem in this country right now. There is an opiate epidemic that is literally killing more and more people. I have a feeling they're showing it again because there are reports of a substantial increase in suicides, especially among white middle-aged men. I know why this is happening. 60 Minutes  won't tell you why. They'll address the horrors in all their splendid glory, but they don't know why. There'll be lots of "Why?!"s through the tears, of course. There always is, but the saddest fact is these people abjectly refuse to see the answer. It comes in the answer to the following question. What possesses seemingly sane, wholesome, and very Christianly people to plan, organize, and prepare to participate in a Jericho-oriented demonstration at the California state capitol? Whuh? What does

Failure to See Yet Another Truth: The Slippery Slope

Many try to make the argument against homosexualist things by claiming that if we as a society endorse homosexual behavior and enable the now widespread celebration of it, then there will be little one may say against all the things that come after it: polygamy, bestiality, pederasty, and other more abhorrent forms of sexual engagement. (For review --  homosexualist:   consideration that sexual activity between two individuals of the same sex should be accepted, embraced, or even celebrated, as well as consideration that censure of such behavior must be rejected, condemned, or even prosecuted.) The idea is that there is a "slippery slope" down into things just as bad or worse. It is as if the homosexualist voice is saying either "We're stopping at same-sex adults being allowed to have a fully sanctioned sexual relationship so don't worry about anything else", or "It really doesn't matter anyway because any  form of sexual activity should be acce