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Tupper Saussy Remembered

I've recently taken a visceral hold on a particular verse in the book of Acts, chapter eight. Verse 31, to be specific. It is right in the middle of the interaction between the Ethiopian eunuch and Philip, the man God told to go to meet for the very purpose of sharing the beautiful news of Christ. After reading a bit of Isaiah, the eunuch confesses that he needs someone to explain it to him , and he invites Philip to sit with him. Philip is not as much The Evangelist, as many call him. He's really just plain Philip the Explainer . Tupper Saussy was one such explainer. I'd grown up with all the accoutrements of genteel Christian comportment, but never really knew what it was like to live vibrantly in Christ. This was simply because I was so caught up in the crusade of making everyone around me into my image. It was only until I read Saussy's Rulers of Evil that I'd actually understood how much I was entangled-- wrapped and twisted in the midst of The War. The hyperv

What's Goin' On, What's Goin' On...

Did you see this photograph on the front page of your newspaper? (This was in my Los Angeles Times.) Were these images highlighted as part of the lead story in your evening news? You'd think Congress were interviewing Helen of Troy with all the media attention. And you know? They probably were speaking with the modern-day equivalent of the face that launched a thousand ships. Of course, the significant part of that is that it is-- All part of the mythology . Valerie Plame is merely a dupe in the exhaustive efforts of the Legacy of Cain to manage the sinfulness of a vast Catholicized population. All cameras must be focused on her to keep everyone's attention off what's actually going on. And this isn't mere conspiracy theorist blithering. It's all laid out for you to see, quite plainly. It's right there in the Bible . How ironic that so many look at incidents like this as though it's the real truth, but consider the Bible a collection of fairy tales and lege

So When Will It End?

Today's Meet the Press political roundtable featured some discussion about the Walter Reed Hospital story, the one about the deplorable conditions at the VA facility caring for wounded service personnel. The reporter who broke the story in the Washington Post, Dana Priest, was one of the commentators, and she made this remark (paraphrased): "The problems won't end, even with all the commissions formed and promises made to fix it." The discussion continued in this skeptical vain, the consideration that no matter what is done, our country's fallen will still not be fully cared for. After Priest made her comment, I thought of a very simple question. "When will it end?" They won't have any satisfactory answer unless it makes them look like they are the bright shining knights of rescue-- indeed there is no doubt Priest is now seen as a kind of Messiah-figure for our gallant men and women in uniform, used and abused by the nefarious Bush empire. All the