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The Notre-Dame Seduction

Today the news reports are overflowing with information about the immolation of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. Apparently most of the edifice was saved, but since the fire took some substantial parts and the images of the flames were so compelling, the coverage is comprehensive. Why? Why does this event get so much news coverage? People in various places are being victimized by murder, war, famine -- quite a bit around the globe, even today, right now -- yet, this is what is plastered before us on every news outlet. And the cries of lament from the broadcasters and those they are interviewing, pay attention to the language -- just the impressions of the magnitude of such an event. For a building. There is no question this is a classic evidence for how Catholicized the globe is. So many people intractably captivated by one of the many idols erected by Rome. It isn't at all that the cathedral itself isn't a beautiful architectural work. It is just how people resp

Walk for Life Epiphany Redux

There was a Walk-For-Life event we had planned to attend -- we'd even gotten a few pledges. We're not going mostly because we've had other things arise. I had actually wanted to go just to see what happened there, not as much to be a part of ending abortion. These things don't end abortion. They may even make it so there'll be more of them, at best there won't be any change. In the U.S. in 2017 there were about 900,000 abortions.  In 2018 there were again about 900,000 abortions. How many Walk-For-Life events were there in that time? How many crisis pregnancy fundraising dinners were there? How many pro-life rallies and marches were there, in that given year's time period there? And how come nothing changes? In fact there are 40 million abortions every year worldwide. Did you get that number? 40 million babies die at the hands of their own mothers and fathers every year.  When I look at that my heart breaks yet again. I'm sure all the Walk-For

Climate Change Folly - It's a Perfect Day For It

It is beautiful outside, sunny, warm, a bit breezy, and while there is likely some area on the globe where a weather event has caused some concern -- even a major one like recently in Mozambique where flooding devastated some places -- for the most part the earth's climate is in good shape. If you were to read the climate alarmist literature from 30 or 40 years ago, however, you'd see that all this should not be. Right now we should be covered in ice, or melting from the heat, or something nasty that man caused because of his profligate living behavior. Well now you've got the Jesuit-administered education system propagandist professors telling the new young socialist-minded Ivy Leaguers running shakedown syndicates like Justice Democrats  and Brand New Congress  telling people like peppy actress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to say things like "If we don't address climate change with radical solutions we'll all be dead within twelve years." The fact that