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The Selective Reality Show

This past Sunday’s Doonesbury strip highlighted the great folly of buying into Caesar’s ruses. Please don’t misunderstand me, I think much of Garry Trudeau's humor is much more lame than progressives think it is, and I am instinctively repulsed by what the federal government is doing with the “ObamaCare” mess. But Trudeau nails it here. All “tea-partiers” are doing with their vicious protestations is demonstrating their devoted allegiance to Obama and his power over their affairs. Oh Trudeau is just as much beholden to Caesar as the tea-partiers, he’s just got his own ideologically profane spin on things. Trudeau tosses his grenades in the culture war, much like the media recently have succeeded in launching their missiles linking Republicans with the most obscene tea-partiers. I do respect the principled stand tea-partiers are taking, but it is just as veritable that they don’t realize how much they’re being played by forces they refuse to identify much less understand. In fa

The World Dynamic is All About Human Sacrifice

Sunday night I went to a very nice dinner with my folks and my daughter. As such I missed 60 Minutes , which I like to look at every once in a while to see what the World is blaring through its megaphone. I did want to catch Michael Lewis' take on the financial meltdown of '08 , so I watched it online. None of it was anything I hadn't seen or known about before. But I'd venture to say a few million or so who saw it were either (a) stunned about the inner workings of what happened or (b) further enraged over things they'd already been steamed about. What gets me is that nowhere do I see the true meaning behind all of what is going on. All I see is the rage, a lot of bewilderment, and quite a bit of shoulder-shrugging because so many know that they just want to be exploiters too. In fact, one online commenter said about the 60 Minutes piece, somewhat sarcastically I'm sure but not entirely insincerely, "Where can I get a job where you get million dollar

If You Don't See Human Sacrifice Happening Everywhere, You Haven't Been Looking Closely Enough

My latest home page piece is all about vampires. The real vampires, namely all of us who go crazy stripping off the value of others trying to gain the world. In other words, it's about human sacrifice. Yes, even in today's modern, progressive, advanced, enlightened world human sacrifice happens all the time. In fact one of the most modern progressive advanced enlightened things done out there is to convince most people their human sacrificing is not really human sacrifice. After perusing the editorial page of the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, I saw five great opinion pieces that serve as a great introduction to the piece. All five covering both the last pages of the entire section, all having something to do with human sacrifice. To wit... First was Doyle McManus there urging president Obama to be brazenly partisan. This means get your one group to take over governance. He even called it "old-fashioned," intimating it's been around a while. Does anyone ev