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The Imitation Game Propoganda

My wife and I went to see The Imitation Game last night, and were expecting to see a riveting historical thriller about a World War II code breaker. I did not expect to see yet another hit piece against those who believe homosexual behavior is destructive to those who practice it. But I shouldn't have been surprised. I'd say one of every two or three of these fine cinematic works these days seems to feel obliged to contain some promotion of homosexualism. Before remarking on that, the film was engaging but quite a bit melodramatic far too often. It had a fine depiction of the difficult problem of what to do with information you don't want the enemy to know you have. After the main character, Alan Turing, and his team of code breakers discovered the secret to the Nazi's code, they realized they could not use their intercepted knowledge of their military activity to keep the Nazi's from doing all kinds of horrible things. They could only use so much of it . The

More Laws, More Coaches, More Satirical Amusement, More, More, More...

So many things continue to happen out there and all around that beg for worship of those who rule the Catholicist Nation. It's 2015, but nothing is new about how the City Builder seeks more souls to put on the value extraction altar. Thought I'd write about a few here, but this'll be more like a mention just to introduce my latest home page piece . I recently looked at a bit more about that Stephen Colbert finale, something I wrote about in the piece. Along with all those who showed up to send Colbert off -- those whose voices get to be shoved into the authorized World mouthpiece -- there was a bit of an apotheosis for Colbert. Apparently he killed death, declared himself immortal, and rode a sleigh into the heavens with Santa Claus, Abraham Lincoln, and Alex Trebek. Yes, this is a typical Colbert tack making fun of people who have idols, that's fine. Great amusement. Except that Colbert's approach to everything still conveys the idea that anyone who believes in