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The Tax Exemption Racket, Part II

I have to add this note to my last post about the wretchedly codependent reality of the non-profit racketeering world. You might want to check out this piece by Michelle Malkin , muckraker extraordinaire -- here earning her keep by pulling no punches about the involvement of the most Catholicist organizations out there. She wrote the book Open Borders Inc. simply laying out the wildly lucrative expanse of non-profits making gobs of dough from having a planetload of needy people to help. This one by Miss Malkin is just as harrowing. What is more frightening is the dearth of those who truly recognize the meaning behind Malkin's expose. To Malkin and gazillions of her readers, it is about the migrant takeover of the United States. To those well-versed in Scripture, it is about the expansion of Cain's rule over a reprobate populace. This is not necessarily a bad thing, for God's wrath poured out upon those who continue to destroy the lives and souls of anyone is immine

The Tax Exemption Racket

I can't help but just put in a blog post with a link to this article I just found. ( Here if they've taken it down.) It is quite sobering. What is even more amazing is it isn't the only one. I've seen dozens like it before. It is so succinctly telling that I put a note about it, along with the link, on my website's 501c3 page . Even though I knew so much about what the article revealed, some things blew my mind. Like the fact that there are 1.6 million non-profits out there. And many of them can be so readily registered to do its racketeering for the most heinous things on the planet. It was interesting that the author even confessed that his own newspaper is a non-profit! Suck at being a private enterprise company, just turn yourself into a non-profit! It was also striking that he's not even sharing the things he doesn't know. He can't -- part of the whole point of the article. The evil is all so opaque , all subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.

It's ALL Abuse of Power

Today at the impeachment hearings television personality attorney Jonathan Turley said something I thought was quite profound. The reality show House Democrats have been moving full-speed ahead with kicking arch nemesis Donald Trump out of office, and it has indeed been a circus. Today the "witnesses" at the Judiciary Committee hearing were not actual witnesses who could testify to an actual crime, but rather legal scholars from top universities appearing merely to lecture everyone about how very very very much they believe Trump is so very very very bad that he just has to be impeached because they are so very very very smart about all the law stuff involved. Anyway, Turley was the one professor who actually shared the most meaningful things. Still, those things don't detract from the fact that all  of it was just World System machination machinery. Anyone's  appearance -- hey, even my mention of it here  -- is really just a way to give the whole benighted en

Another of the Critical Things John Lennox Missed

In my last blog post I wrote about the time just last month I watched John Lennox share Christ in a lecture hall of about a hundred people, young and old, at a prominent secular science college. I spoke about a couple of the key things he missed, and no disrespect, Lennox is an amazing apologist. I'd like to think afterwards many in the audience genuinely considered making Christ their Lord and Savior. Not sure, though. Not being cynical, I just want truth to reign. One of those other things Lennox missed is the fact that the concept of justice upon which he based a core part of his address is a scientific concept . This thing justice is  testable and falsifiable. It is something that can be proven to affect all people in the same way all the time. In the same way photosynthesis is the way plants make energy, justice is the transcendent standard for people to treat other people and know how to treat other people, and it is so scientifically . That we don't know all the asp

The Critical Things John Lennox Missed

Thursday night I went over to Harvey Mudd College, one of the top science schools in the nation, to see something I thought was quite extraordinary. John Lennox, one of the preeminent Christian apologists ever, was appearing for a talk I think I saw titled, "Cosmic Chemistry." Hmm, was this a nifty challenge to the materialist worldview? Whatever the case, wow... John Lennox right there to talk Christ with however many atheist humanist religionist progressive naturalist dogmatist collegians who would be there. I arrived and managed to get a seat right in the middle of a lecture hall that sat about 300. By the time Lennox started the place was packed. Hmm. What's with that? Who were these people? I noticed many were older folks -- these lectures are open to the public. There were quite a few students, however, but I did see some were brought in by their professors. Oh these kids are smart, but I really don't think many of them have the intellectual sophistication t

When God Is The Stomach, or Gaia's Stomach I Guess

I haven't even had a chance to put in a modest blog post just to introduce my webzine's latest home page piece . Fall is a tremendously busy time for me professionally-- I don't even know how I put in anything in my web work at all. Definitely a God thing. But I always hope to remark about something notable so this is worth your time. How about this folly?... Today some large number of disled people went out of their way to screech loudly about climate change. At an intersection of a small college town near my home, a town filled with phenomenally disled people -- yeah, I should say here that I intend to say "dis-led," a more accurate form of misled, because these people are listening to, indeed led by the one who's endgame is their destruction -- anyway, at this intersection those people were all in on the folly. Holding up signs about how climate change is this and climate change is that. Pure folly. When someone says, "Protesting climate chang

The Disintegrating Social Landscape Part II

I came across this article , in The Federalist,  a pretty good one, but there are dozens of these kinds of things popping up everywhere now. This one gets deep into the numbers, the larger numbers of those dying at the hands of destructive people all around. The author gets into all the main reasons, and yes, the systematic demolition of strong social institutions is a decent one. What he doesn't get into is the main main  reason: The World System uses people's sinfulness to enlarge its authority and they do so at the people's request so they can remain sinful. Does that last statement mean anything to you? Can you see the riveting and quite sobering truth in it? Or do you just do like millions of entrenched Catholicists and shrug it off as fairy tale blithering, conspiracy inanity, or just mumbo-jumbo too difficult to comprehend? I agree, I understand, if you are not prayerfully versed in Scripture to employ the spiritual intelligence necessary to grasp what is r

The Disintegrating Social Landscape

Came across this brief article , just getting at what's what, but not at the real what's what. At least it is sincere and authentic. At least we can see what's really happening, especially in light of the ridiculous media coverage of responses to the most recent devastating mass shootings and the horrifically fractured political landscape that ravages the country. But as usual this author has no answer . "The U.S. should reexamine the foundations of its social policy." Annnd... then what? I've thought about blogging about so many things, but much of why I don't is because I am so busy. That I'm pounding out a few words now is quite a task. I don't put much here because I am so busy with things that God has given me to do to minister His Kingdom into the lives of others. I'm a husband, a father, a grandfather, a son with a father who has advanced dementia, a teacher, a coach, a minister, a congregant, and even a high school football game

God Still Judges Nations

At one time many millennia ago, Babylon ruled the world, by divine decree. Eventually God brought His judgment against it, and Persia-Media took over for a while. God took them out and the rulers of evil became Greece-Macedonia. Rome soon followed. Eventually Cain's legacy became the blend of Anglicanist power known now as the United Kingdom-United States. This indeed is its present manifestation. Check out the second chapter of the book of Daniel for more -- it is all right there. Think globalism is a newish phenomenon? Nah. It's been around since Babylon started. All the other great nation-states bonking against one another are merely pawns in the game. If they crack heads with Cain's seven-fold strength, the global hegemony is well-tuned. Once they weaken they are discarded like the flimsiest chafe. They may also rebel, and in that case they are pulverized into oblivion. So, so many once proudly regal potentates are long, long forgotten. Sadly, such will be the case

The Inclusivity Gauntlet Is Already Wiping Off the Planet Many of Its Victims

In my latest homepage piece , I get a bit more into what The Babylon Bee satirized, "The Inclusivity Gauntlet." The loud and ravenous leftist voice in this country has gone so far in establishing an entrenched victim class that people who are not members have been relegated to second-class status, at least as far as the humanist hegemony proclaims. The effect of the Inclusivity Totalitarianism is indeed reaching critical mass on that demographic: Older, white, hetero, Christian males. Don't take my word for it. Please check out this piece on the suicide rates of these men . It isn't just that many of them are committing suicide, as a portion of the total population it is a small number. It is just that it is larger than it has ever been, and the reasons are wide and varied. The piece is from a pretty liberal publication and it talks disdainfully about guns and liquor, but the most significant reasons are not that hard to grasp. The marauding idea of instituti

The Insanity of Embracing Abortion Ratchets Up to Even Higher Levels

Sure enough, after Georgia passed a bill allowing abortions up six weeks of pregnancy, Alabama got around to passing a bill effectively prohibiting all abortions. Good for them! Except for one thing. It still doesn't mean anything unless everyone everywhere in every state -- indeed every nation on the planet -- summarily outlaws abortion, period. The reason is simple. Some in Alabama admitted the law is designed to put pressure on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe  v. Wade.  Many pro-lifers like this idea because it will allow states to decide what to do with abortion. Good thing. Not . Remember when they tried the principle of popular sovereignty  to address slavery back in the 1840s, 1850s? Let the states decide if they want slavery or not . Except that, just like abortion, slavery is something so repulsively immoral that it simply should not be up to a vote. And abortion, just like slavery, must be categorically, unequivocally made unconstitutional, illegal, and subjec

The Insanity of Embracing Abortion Explodes Yet Again

Recently there has been quite a reaction to the fetal heartbeat law Georgia passed. Liberal "pro-choice" people went crazy against it, while conservative "pro-life" people cheered for it. Is there no one who thinks this bill is extraordinarily diabolical, simply because saying it is illegal to get an abortion after around six weeks  makes it okay to get one before that? Huh. When  precisely  does a baby  become  a human being after conception? Please, what difference does it make when the heartbeat is detected? For anyone to declare they are pleased with the Georgia bill shows they are simply hypnotized by the devil's schemes. And I have heard so many good, wholesome, thoughtful Christians say they favor this bill. This saddens me tremendously, and always has. There are all kinds of rationalizations that go into trying to work out some public policy positioning that makes Christians feel good about their moral stature, yet much of it is either sustaining i

The Notre-Dame Seduction

Today the news reports are overflowing with information about the immolation of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. Apparently most of the edifice was saved, but since the fire took some substantial parts and the images of the flames were so compelling, the coverage is comprehensive. Why? Why does this event get so much news coverage? People in various places are being victimized by murder, war, famine -- quite a bit around the globe, even today, right now -- yet, this is what is plastered before us on every news outlet. And the cries of lament from the broadcasters and those they are interviewing, pay attention to the language -- just the impressions of the magnitude of such an event. For a building. There is no question this is a classic evidence for how Catholicized the globe is. So many people intractably captivated by one of the many idols erected by Rome. It isn't at all that the cathedral itself isn't a beautiful architectural work. It is just how people resp

Walk for Life Epiphany Redux

There was a Walk-For-Life event we had planned to attend -- we'd even gotten a few pledges. We're not going mostly because we've had other things arise. I had actually wanted to go just to see what happened there, not as much to be a part of ending abortion. These things don't end abortion. They may even make it so there'll be more of them, at best there won't be any change. In the U.S. in 2017 there were about 900,000 abortions.  In 2018 there were again about 900,000 abortions. How many Walk-For-Life events were there in that time? How many crisis pregnancy fundraising dinners were there? How many pro-life rallies and marches were there, in that given year's time period there? And how come nothing changes? In fact there are 40 million abortions every year worldwide. Did you get that number? 40 million babies die at the hands of their own mothers and fathers every year.  When I look at that my heart breaks yet again. I'm sure all the Walk-For

Climate Change Folly - It's a Perfect Day For It

It is beautiful outside, sunny, warm, a bit breezy, and while there is likely some area on the globe where a weather event has caused some concern -- even a major one like recently in Mozambique where flooding devastated some places -- for the most part the earth's climate is in good shape. If you were to read the climate alarmist literature from 30 or 40 years ago, however, you'd see that all this should not be. Right now we should be covered in ice, or melting from the heat, or something nasty that man caused because of his profligate living behavior. Well now you've got the Jesuit-administered education system propagandist professors telling the new young socialist-minded Ivy Leaguers running shakedown syndicates like Justice Democrats  and Brand New Congress  telling people like peppy actress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to say things like "If we don't address climate change with radical solutions we'll all be dead within twelve years." The fact that

The Big Troll, Part II

Recently some news has been coming out that this vicious new Congresswoman widely known as AOC has gotten a bit of negative attention about something questionable her main handler did with some money. This is the woman who is generally ridiculed for having a noticeable dearth of functioning brain cells, yet there are quite a few who through the tears of laughter still wonder how in the world she could possibly be getting the rock star attention she does. What has been happening behind the scenes may also help explain why she is so vicious. See, this webzine ministry commitment has always been to follow not as much the money  but rather the handlers , that is, those who really work the ones most visibly shoved out in the mainstream to vibrantly sustain Cain's legacy. It is a bit more of a task to look beyond them  to their handlers , but it can be done. Ultimately you'll always get to those doing work in the Society of Jesus, composed of the authorized World Operatives us

The Big Troll

Often enough a major motion picture release is a splendid metaphor for the way real life is. One such film was Bird Box . With the notion that most have already seen it or at least have an idea about its basic premise, I'm going ahead and sharing that the protagonists must wear blindfolds for the simple reason that the world has been taken over by some kind of soaring demons who when gazed upon cause such distress that the beholder must commit suicide. Oh wow. How much that is like the way things really are in today's real world. And ya know? It hasn't really been that much different throughout all of humankind's contemptibly benighted history. So very very many see what the devil has for them, they hypnotically adopt whatever it is, and at some point not too far into the future, they accordingly meet their unfortunate demise. How many of those kinds of instances there are, but the latest is a doozy. It is what I call The Big Troll . Social media troll

Patty Murray is Quite an Honest Individual Actually

"We have no king but Caesar." Recently the U.S. Senate proposed a post-birth infant protection bill. "Committing infanticide is against the law" it pretty much says. It seems to have come forward after a governor in a state that pretty much allows abortion through all nine months of a pregnancy waffled about what to do if a partial-birth abortion failed and the baby was born alive. Should the parents be consulted about whether or not to keep the infant alive or utilize the pillow? When the Senate holds a "unanimous consent" vote, all that has to happen for the resolution to pass is for no one to object. You don't even have to go on the record, as a Senator you just don't have to say anything and the thing goes right on through. Yeah, huh. Cain's domain. Pretty nasty. Well, most Senators thought this would be a slam dunk. Who in their right mind would object to something enshrined into official federal ordinance that would protect a baby a

Apart From Him You Can Do Nothing

"Apart from Me you can do nothing." These words are there quite prominently in the 15th chapter of John's gospel. Around them is an entire treatise about how much Jesus is it. He's the One. Nothing else matters. Have Him and you have everything and can do anything. Don't have Him and you're squat. No matter how much you're into anything  else, it is utterly, contemptibly worthless. I'd add that it is even worse if you are into another  Jesus. The harrowing thing about that is there are so many . It is just as viscerally sorrowful that so so very many believe that as long as someone says they believe in a Jesus then we can all gleefully consider being on the same page crusading for good wholesome things out there. Recently over at the  The Federalist  the individual with the pseudonym Bill Kilgore wrote an extraordinarily sobering assessment of the pro-life movement . He truly said nothing much more than it is worthless. Many many many people thin