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Barack Obama to the Rescue! Err... Whupps...

For those whose allegience is to the World and its system of oppressive governance, Barack Obama is a bright light. He is the one to whom to look for all good things to help us all out of our moribund impotence. This is a truth as true as any verity. Many hate it, revile Obama ("He's a socialist!") and rail at the moon for how good ol' America is being driven into the ground. Jesus Christ is the Lord of those who want to live in the Kingdom. He is an entire universe away from anything that Barack Obama does, but He allows Obama to reign in the World over World dwellers for the benefit (as it is) of World dwellers. Kingdom people have given up getting anything and always risk enduring the most heated vitriol, or worse, complete and abject marginalization. They wait with gentleness and longsuffering for they know their Lord gives them His Kingdom, and its infrastructure is nothing but the deepest widest highest charity. But then there is the perfectly reasonable World.

The Davos Answer

Every year the most elite power brokers across the globe meet at a conference barely anyone knows about. They gather in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum to discuss new ways to merge innovative business with visionary politics. Some shout in fear about the fascist bargains being arranged there, but they haven't a clue. The fascist bargain started millennia ago with Cain . These guys are just blithering about more novel ways to do it. With the heavy economic crisis being carried around on every attendee's back, the desire to discover that one wonderful financial cure-everything was welling up in everyone's conversation. New York Times uber-columnist Thomas Friedman was covering the conference, and in a National Public Radio interview this week he said everyone was wandering around looking for THE answer . He said it just like that, repeating it a number of times. THE answer . What is THE answer ? In Newsweek this week were a couple of pertinent financial items