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The Tax Exemption Racket, Part II

I have to add this note to my last post about the wretchedly codependent reality of the non-profit racketeering world. You might want to check out this piece by Michelle Malkin , muckraker extraordinaire -- here earning her keep by pulling no punches about the involvement of the most Catholicist organizations out there. She wrote the book Open Borders Inc. simply laying out the wildly lucrative expanse of non-profits making gobs of dough from having a planetload of needy people to help. This one by Miss Malkin is just as harrowing. What is more frightening is the dearth of those who truly recognize the meaning behind Malkin's expose. To Malkin and gazillions of her readers, it is about the migrant takeover of the United States. To those well-versed in Scripture, it is about the expansion of Cain's rule over a reprobate populace. This is not necessarily a bad thing, for God's wrath poured out upon those who continue to destroy the lives and souls of anyone is immine

The Tax Exemption Racket

I can't help but just put in a blog post with a link to this article I just found. ( Here if they've taken it down.) It is quite sobering. What is even more amazing is it isn't the only one. I've seen dozens like it before. It is so succinctly telling that I put a note about it, along with the link, on my website's 501c3 page . Even though I knew so much about what the article revealed, some things blew my mind. Like the fact that there are 1.6 million non-profits out there. And many of them can be so readily registered to do its racketeering for the most heinous things on the planet. It was interesting that the author even confessed that his own newspaper is a non-profit! Suck at being a private enterprise company, just turn yourself into a non-profit! It was also striking that he's not even sharing the things he doesn't know. He can't -- part of the whole point of the article. The evil is all so opaque , all subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.

It's ALL Abuse of Power

Today at the impeachment hearings television personality attorney Jonathan Turley said something I thought was quite profound. The reality show House Democrats have been moving full-speed ahead with kicking arch nemesis Donald Trump out of office, and it has indeed been a circus. Today the "witnesses" at the Judiciary Committee hearing were not actual witnesses who could testify to an actual crime, but rather legal scholars from top universities appearing merely to lecture everyone about how very very very much they believe Trump is so very very very bad that he just has to be impeached because they are so very very very smart about all the law stuff involved. Anyway, Turley was the one professor who actually shared the most meaningful things. Still, those things don't detract from the fact that all  of it was just World System machination machinery. Anyone's  appearance -- hey, even my mention of it here  -- is really just a way to give the whole benighted en