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The Human Sacrifice Dynamic

Yesterday's New York Times' featured front page story was about how close the U.S. is to being unable to service its debt. It's no big deal when that punky kid who always asks for lunch money keeps putting off paying it back, as long as he coughs up some interest every once in a while. It starts to get dicey when he can't even do that. It gets really scary when the lender is a big mean Asian dude. Front page story. In top World megaphone holder The New York Times . I turned on the news this morning to check out the expansive coverage of this quite boggling progression of events. Guess what the networks featured at the top of their 7am morning-show news? Barack Obama has all the information he needs to make and then announce his new strategy regarding Afghanistan. As I watched the newscasters (and I flipped to two different networks to catch essentially the same thing) blap about how valiant Obama and his "war council" ( their term) have been to stay o

Doing God's Work

I'm deeply intrigued by what the agents of Cain sometimes say that are dead giveaways as to the true nature of things. One recent item has run laps around the airwaves, and it was Goldman Sachs' boss Lloyd Blankfein's remark that he is doing God's work. This has generally been treated with the loudest ribaldry from the boastfully jeering punditry. "Ha!" they're gushing, "This guy has taken taxpayer dollars by the billions and is stuffing his cronies' pockets with it! ' Doing God's work !' What a dork!" The fact that it is considered in such a way reveals two things. One, that the World's megaphone is functioning perfectly, for the derision is designed specifically to get an obsequieous populace to firmly believe certain things, in this case that snotty banker types should be wholesomely reviled. And two, the pundits are faithfully doing their duty for their Superior officer, whether they know him or not. By assessing the

The Vicissitudes of November

I'm thinking about things that have happened or are happening here at the beginning of November that are worth mention. I think about November 2, the date Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias executed that ultimate act of Agency enforcement against World inhabitants. Imaginations catastrophized into a quasi-catatonic state stir people to fiercely concoct "peace" while hyperviolence still festers in millions of souls. I think about November 5, the date Guy Fawkes was supposed to carry out the designs of his unknown superior even if he didn't have a clue as to what he was doing. Zealous rage against the state cleverly invented and widely advertised keeps rebellious people riled up. Funny how this year's November 5 featured a disturbed army psychiatrist shooting up his base. I thought about why we must have an army base at all--why can't Fort Hood just be a wonderful sports camp where people discharge their emotions on the field and later yuck it up over a beer. It

The Constitutionalist Crusade

Mark Levin is a talk-show host I sometimes listen to because I really like his bulldog attitude towards all things foolish. His popular book Liberty and Tyranny is a being read voraciously by the conservative set. Levin frequently offers a typical rationale for his entertaining rants, and it pretty much comes down to this. "The Constitution says so!" (Or "The Constitution doesn't say so!" as the case may be) Quite a few loyal Americanists feed on The Document for their political sustenance, and that is perfectly fine for those who like cruising in the hyperviolent crusade against other threatening savages. Americanist liberty means those other guys can't dick with them and the constitutionally authorized force of the law should make that happen. Tyranny to the Americanist is when those other guys get the upper hand and they get to rail against them with the most enthusiastic revulsion. I address this a bit more in my webzine's home page, and s