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The James Comey Delightfully Splendid Disinformation Reality Show Extravaganza

The James Comey show is the latest wildly happenin' "reality" extravaganza those among the mainline mainstream media are slobbering over. It is clear they just desperately want that smoking gun to emerge  so they can once and for all rid the universe of their bane of existence, Donald Trump. I'm not paying much attention to it except that it is apparent there is truly nothing there, at least within the confines of World System prosecution. Still, the disinformation explodes like never before . One very interesting thing was the response former FBI director Comey had to a question about a particular New York Times report of note. I haven't the faintest idea what was in the report -- it was probably something about how evil the Russians were or how evil the Trump foreign policy team was or any of those things. The answer itself is the thing that is revealing: “In the main – it was not true, the challenge -- and I’m not picking on reporters -- about writing s