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The Distractions Get More Mindnumbing All The Time

I don't follow the Olympics, at all. I haven't a scintilla of interest in any of it, unless some news event in and around the games has some noteworthy feature, I'm completely in the dark about it. That's why I was heartened by a poll that showed a good 20% of Americans are just like me. And it isn't merely because I just don't care about any of the featured sports events or athletes, it is because it is a pathetically bloviated hype machine. It is also a gargantuan distraction, but I can't really criticize it for that. I am a passionate Kansas City Chiefs fan  and NASCAR race follower (I have my own fantasy league team of drivers). I've greatly scaled back my own attentiveness to sports events for some time now because I get too emotionally embroiled in things, but the small amount I do observe I confess I  do  so because to a large extent they are distractions. Distractions from?... It isn't bad when you use them for a bit of a release from